Foreign Countries at Sea (2022)

Overall: Foreign Countries at Sea is a Chinese Drama (2022). Foreign Countries at Sea cast: Xu Ang. Foreign Countries at Sea Release Date: 2022. Foreign Countries at Sea Episode: 1.

Foreign Countries at Sea Detail

Drama: Foreign Countries at Sea (2022)
Writer: Xu Ang
Main Stars: Xu Ang
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 2022
Also Known As: Hai Shang Yi Guo Zhi, 海上异国志, Foreign Countries at Sea 2022

Foreign Countries at Sea Synopsis and Plot Summary

Set inside the past due years of Tang, the shares getting back from Mainland has already stopped. During a fishing ride, Xiao Yuanyang surprisingly finds a Nautical chart, and he excitedly units off to searching for treasure.

He then meets sailor Shui Duchuan, thief Li Da and physician Shao Mu. Thus, the 4 set out collectively on a treasure hunting journey. On their ride, they learnt approximately unique cultures and stories.

They make use of goods along with tea leaves and ceramic, and undergo buying and selling deals with other nations. Making use of the truth that they come from a overseas land, they earned a tremendous sum of money. However, things aren’t constantly smoooth-crusing. However, the 4 them have been capable of use overcome the disaster with their courage. Finally attaining their vacation spot, they stored a standard from a fallen nation who changed into being chased by means of assassins. Understanding the whole tale, their patriotic spirit is ignited.

They deliver the overall’s ashes back to their native land, but receives embroiled in a bigger conspiracy.

Foreign Countries at Sea Cast

Xu Ang as Screenwriter

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