Song of the Assassins (2020)

Overall: Song of the Assassins is a Chinese Action, Mystery, Drama (2020). Song of the Assassins cast: William Feng, Qu Jing Jing, Wang Qing Xiang. Song of the Assassins Release Date: 31 December 2020. Song of the Assassins Episode: 13.

Song of the Assassins Detail

Drama: Song of the Assassins (2020)
Main Stars: William Feng, Qu Jing Jing, Wang Qing Xiang
Director: Lee Daniel
Genres: Action, Mystery, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 31 December 2020
Season: 1
Aired: 31 December 2020
Also Known As: 刺局(网剧), Song of the Assassins (Mini-Series), 刺局, Song of the Assassins 2020

Song of the Assassins Synopsis and Plot Summary

Qi Jun Yuan, a recognized youthful professional killer in preparing in the organization of Lihen Valley got his first task yet neglected to finish it.

Therefore, he turned into an outlaw chased by the administration, rival professional killer gatherings, and other shadowy figures. He should endeavor to endure and get to the lower part of a colossal scheme.

This scaled-down arrangement depends on the web novel of a similar name.

Song of the Assassins Cast

William Feng as Qi Jun Yuan
Qu Jing Jing as Xu Meng Yi
Wang Qing Xiang as Gui Chou Pan Guan
Jeremy Qu as Qi Jun Yuan
Gina Jin as Qin Sheng Sheng
Wang Le Le as Du Qing E
Hou Yong as Support Role
Nina Wu as Support Role
Hu Jun as Support Role
Ray Lui as Support Role
Xu Qing as Flower Lady
Jack Kao as Support Role
Li Pei Ze as Song Jian Feng youth
Bu Guan Jin as Fang Qin Yue

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