City of Desire (2020)

Overall: City of Desire is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2020). City of Desire cast: Wu Xiu Bo, Angelababy, Zhu Zhu. City of Desire Release Date: 31 December 2020. City of Desire Episodes: 45.

City of Desire Detail

Drama: City of Desire (2020)
Director: Liu Jin
Writer: Chen Tong
Main Stars: Wu Xiu Bo, Angelababy, Zhu Zhu
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 31 December 2020
Season: 1
Aired: 31 December 2020
Also Known As: Yu Wang Zhi Cheng, 欲望之城, City of Desire 2020

City of Desire Synopsis and Plot Summary

A man managing nervousness and sadness after difficult separation figures out how to discover warmth when he least expects it and it reignites his enthusiasm forever.

So as to pursue her fantasies, Qiao Na prematurely ends her own infant which leaves her significant other Jiang Nian Hua wrecked. Subsequent to getting separated, Nian Hua amasses a lot of abundance through sheer assurance and difficult work however he can’t appreciate his rewards for so much hard work as he is determined to have serious discouragement. Exactly when he has chosen to abandon life.

He experiences a youthful corporate lady named Lin Li. Not long after they meet, Lin Li manages the aftermath of a poisonous relationship with her beau whom she works with and she becomes crushed at the acknowledgment that she should not, at this point be with him. Both bearing passionate inconveniences of their own, Nian Hua and Lin Li become more acquainted with one another through work and a sentiment follows.

City of Desire Cast

Wu Xiu Bo as Jiang Nian Hua
Angelababy as Lin Li
Zhu Zhu as Qiao Na
Ren Zhong as Wang Yang
Zhang Yan Yan as Shen Mei Yun
Ronald Zhai as Hai Gui Jing Ying
Zhu Jia Qi as Ai Lun
Wayne Wang as Li Cha
Haha He as Yue Yue
Liu Run Nan as Shao Xiao Jun
Li Lin as Zhao Xiaoli
Hai Yi Tian as Liao Changting
Joe Ma as Ban Ni
Ni Hong Jie as Jin Xiaoling
Ai Dai as Lan Hong

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