So Long For Love (2023)

Overall: So Long For Love is a Chinese Movie (2023). So Long For Love cast: Tan Song Yun, Yan Ni, Zhao Xiao Tang. So Long For Love Release Date: 1 December 2023.

So Long For Love Detail

Movie: So Long For Love (2023)
Main Stars: Tan Song Yun, Yan Ni, Zhao Xiao Tang
Genres: Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 1 December 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: Goodbye, Li Ke Le, Zai Jian, Li Ke Le, Goodbye Li Kele, 再见,李可乐, So Long For Love 2023

So Long For Love Synopsis and Plot Summary

Li Yan who lost her dad in a skiing mishap in her second year of secondary school has resentment against her mom who surrendered her dad’s treatment.

The doggy Ke Le embraced by Li Yan grew up with her.

The birthday of Ke Le is equivalent to the commemoration of her dad’s demise. Li Yan sees it as the encapsulation of her dad In the wake of encountering clashes development and misfortune Li Yan grasped her mom’s decision from expressing farewell to Ke Le.

So Long For Love Cast

Tan Song Yun as Li Yan

Yan Ni as Pan Yan Qiu

Zhao Xiao Tang as Meng Li

Jiang Long as Zhang Huai Jun

Feng Lei as Zhang Ping

Li Hu Cheng as Grandpa Zheng

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