Sacred Hoh Xil (2024)

Sacred Hoh Xil is a Chinese Drama (2024). Sacred Hoh Xil cast: Levin Gao, Liu Qiu Shi, Suo Lang Mei Qi. Sacred Hoh Xil Release Date: 2024. Sacred Hoh Xil Episodes: 40.

Sacred Hoh Xil Detail

Drama: Sacred Hoh Xil (2024)
Director: Li Shu
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Levin Gao, Liu Qiu Shi, Suo Lang Mei Qi
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 12024
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Sheng Di Ke Ke Xi Li, 圣地可可西里, Sacred Hoh Xil 2024

Sacred Hoh Xil Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the early part of the century, it was reported that the population of Tibetan antelopes that lived in my country had reached one million.

However due to the global marketplace demand Tibetan cashmere shawls made of antelope which they were able to purchase, they experienced a significant amount of poaching and their numbers fell sharply.

Skinned Tibetan carcasses of antelope are all over the place. In the aftermath, the local populace under the leadership of Dorje, the Tibetan young Dorje started to fight in opposition to the raging poachers and fought for their land until the end of time.

Another timeline is focused on contemporary times. Because of the backing of national policies as well as the rise in environmental and ecological awareness over the last few years, Tibetan antelopes have been successfully secured.

Some poachers want the enormous profits and are willing to take on risk. The forest police in the local station for protection aren’t doing anything. Guarding Hoh Xil forever.

The interspersing of the two timelines not just enhances the enjoyment of the show, but can also help more viewers comprehend the enduring spirit of guardianship of the land.

Sacred Hoh Xil Cast

Levin Gao as Duo Ji

Liu Qiu Shi as Zha Xi

Suo Lang Mei Qi as Yang Jin

Lu Jia Ni as Mei Duo

Zhang Dong Sheng as Dan Zeng

Liu Mu as Xu Guan Heng

Lopsang as San Cuo

Cai Xiang Yu as Qin Ge

Han Cheng Cai as Qu Jin

Wang Xiao Yu as Lang Ga

Zhang Xiao Yang as Ge Lai

Niu Bei Ren as Duo Jie

Zhang Lin Yue as Ya Li

Yan Kun as Luo Rong

Duo Bu Jie as Ci Ren

Rong Er Jia as Ge Sang

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