Qing Chun Zhui Meng Ren (2024)

Qing Chun Zhui Meng Ren is a Chinese Drama (2024). Qing Chun Zhui Meng Ren cast: Li Jia Jia, Jin Xiao. Qing Chun Zhui Meng Ren Release Date: 2024. Qing Chun Zhui Meng Ren Episodes: 40.

Qing Chun Zhui Meng Ren Detail

Drama: Qing Chun Zhui Meng Ren (2024)
Director: Sun Wen Xue
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Li Jia Jia, Jin Xiao
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: 青春追梦人, Qing Chun Zhui Meng Ren 2024

Qing Chun Zhui Meng Ren Synopsis and Plot Summary

Yunmeng who envisioned becoming an educator, came back to his home town in the Dabie Mountains to teach after graduation from the university. He became enamored with the substitute instructor Fang Shuting.

Fang Shuting left to work in the city to offer Yunmeng her full-time job. To improve the conditions at school and to alleviate the conditions of poverty in his home town.

Yunmeng worked in the construction industry, set up factories, operated coal mines and was involved in construction projects. He faced many difficulties.

Fang Shuting, who went to the city, quit and returned home to set up a business with Yunmeng to avoid the attention that her employer Liao Dinglin.

As the Internet is entering a period of massive expansion, Yunmeng grabs the chance to join the Internet sector under the new economic development.

Though it is frequently repressed however, it does not be a follower and is more brave.

It is a group of dreamers who want to create an enterprise, and then works hard to learn and enhance their Internet information.

Technologies, along with help by an angel investor Pang Ningning, built a new model for retail business that will generate profits for consumers.

In the end, Yunmeng guided hundreds of thousands of marginalized groups to identify the vitality in the Great Renaissance, pursue the Chinese dream, and aid small and medium-sized companies.

Make your mark on the path of growth and poverty reduction with targeted efforts.

Qing Chun Zhui Meng Ren Cast

Li Ting Zhe as Yun Meng

Liu Yi Han as Fang Shu Ting

Tian Lei as Yuan Kun Wu

Chen Yi Heng as He Du Lao

Fu Miao as Xia Yu Xiu

Mei Li Er as Ge Jia Hui

Yao Gang as Liao Ding Lin

Liang Ai Qi as Ye Xiao Dan

Fu Xiao Na as Lady Boss

Shao Feng as Chief Kang

Jin Jin as Zhen Shuai

Leo Pei as Yu De Li

Su Ai Ting as Teacher Cai

Liu Zhan Kui as Ben Er Lou

Lin Meng as Ding Yun Hai’s wife

Guo Xin Yan as Support Role

Zhang Yi Hang as Zou Xi Xuan

Yu Jin Yuan as Gao Sheng

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