Reading Class (2023)

Overall: Reading Class is a Korean Chinese, Drama (2023). Reading Class cast: Neo Hou, Song Zu Er, Wang Jia Li. Reading Class Release Date: 2023. Reading Class Episodes: 39.

Reading Class Detail

Drama: Reading Class (2023)
Director: Shen Xiao Hai
Genres: Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Neo Hou, Song Zu Er, Wang Jia Li
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 39
Also Known As: Yue Du Ke, 阅读课, Reading Class 2023

Reading Class Synopsis and Plot Summary

Wu Jia Shu is a canny and proficient young lady makes an agreement with Lu Xing Chen a VIP who needs to keep up with his great understudy picture on screen.

She would furtively mentor him and assist him with planning for his appearance on the social theatrical presentation Understanding Class,

Lu Xing Chen would assist her with reimbursing her obligations and protect her bookshop.

The two additionally runs over many perusing materials of the present and past getting to know the accounts of individuals behind these books and were likewise ready to help other people take care of the troublesome issues in their lives.

Jia Shu assists Xing Chen with finding a sense of peace with the aggravation of being deserted by his dad and resolve a misconception among him and his companion.

Xing Chen likewise assists Jia Shu with demonstrating her innocence from a copyright infringement guarantee and manage the deficiency of her dearest pet.

They progressively start to foster affections for one another.

When Xing Chen was outlined and fell into a low stage throughout everyday life.

Jia Shu assists him with recapturing his certainty and acquired the chance to try out for his fantasy film.

They had the option to overcome troubles while accomplishing love and satisfying dreams simultaneously.

Reading Class Cast

Neo Hou as Lu Xing Chen

Song Zu Er as Wu Jia Shu

Wang Jia Li as Support Role

Sun Jian as Lin Mu Zhi

Pan Jun Tong as Zhu Wei Wei

Zhou Shi Xuan as Support Role

Xu Zheng as Chief Xu

Wang Lin as Guest Role

Ryan Cheng as Support Role

Zhu Ao Meng as Xin Xin

Jiang Wei as Tang Yuan

Chen Si Tong as Li Xiang

Yang Yu Tong as Jiang Yue

Chen Bing as Xue Ling

Birgit as Wei Ran

Estelle Wu as Support Role

Zhou Zhi as Tong Lu

Liu Jie as Support Role

Hong Jian Tao as Support Role

Zhou Ye Mang as Support Role

Wei Tian Yu as Pan An

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