Ray of Sunshine (2024)

Ray of Sunshine is a Chinese Drama (2024). Ray of Sunshine cast: Tan Zhuo, Liu Yi Jun, Gao Ye. Ray of Sunshine Release Date: 2024. Ray of Sunshine Episode: 0.

Ray of Sunshine Detail

Drama: Ray of Sunshine (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Hui Kai Dong
Writer: Xie Yan Yan
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Tan Zhuo, Liu Yi Jun, Gao Ye
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episode: 0
Also Known As: Cheng Se Guang Mang, 橙色光芒, Ray of Sunshine 2024

Ray of Sunshine Synopsis and Plot Summary

In 2015, Internet commerce took off and capital markets were in turmoil.

Xie Linhui (40 years old) was editor-in-chief at a financial publication when she broke the scandal of a divorced investment partner and illegal business dealings.

This report, that told the truth, caused a great deal of shock and reshuffle at the bank and put Jiang Yidi in a serious workplace crisis.

Xie Linhui’s detailed tracking of illegal industry activities led her to be framed by several parties.

She eventually was suspended for publishing a faulty report. Jiang Yidi had provided the data.

The market was volatile. People’s feelings did not seem to be taken into account.

Jiang Yidi, the smart medical company in which he was responsible, was now even more trapped.

Xie Linhui also became entangled and Jiang Yidi dragged Xie Linhui into a greater storm.

This drama interweaves both the work crisis of middle aged women and the helplessness felt by young rookies. Everything is revealed as the idealists make their way towards the light.

Ray of Sunshine Cast

Tan Zhuo as Xie Lin Hui

Liu Yi Jun as Main Role

Gao Ye as Main Role

Lin Yu Shen as Main Role

Wei Ran as Ye Wei

Hu Yao Zhi as Support Role

Tian Xiao Jie as Support Role

Zhang Duo as Support Role

Zhang Xi Lin as Support Role

Huang Man as Support Role

Zhao Zi Qi as Support Role

Zhang Shao Gang as Support Role

Li Hong Tao as Support Role

Yang Xin Ming as Support Role

Zhu Yin as Support Role

Yan Shi Kui as Support Role

Sa Ri Na as Support Role

Li Qiang as Support Role

Zhou Fang as Support Role

Jill Hsu as Support Role

Sun Hao as Support Role

Tu Zhi Ying as Support Role

Hou Yan Song as Support Role

Li Xiao Feng as Support Role

Li Chun Yuan as Support Role

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