Qi Geng Xin Jian (2024)

Qi Geng Xin Jian is a Chinese Adventure, Drama (2024). Qi Geng Xin Jian cast: Song Wei Long, Liu Hao Cun, Ao Rui Peng. Qi Geng Xin Jian Release Date: 2024. Qi Geng Xin Jian Episodes: 36.

Qi Geng Xin Jian Detail

Drama: Qi Geng Xin Jian (2024)
Network: Youku
Director: Tsai Yueh Hsun
Main Stars: Song Wei Long, Liu Hao Cun, Ao Rui Peng
Genres: Adventure, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: 七根心簡, 七根迷簡, 七根凶簡, 七根迷简, Qi Gen Mi Jian, 七根凶简, Qi Gen Xiong Jian, Qi Gen Xin Jian, 七根心简, Qi Geng Xin Jian 2024

Qi Geng Xin Jian Synopsis and Plot Summary

The past was when, meteorites-covered aliens floated through Fengziling as they brought 7 mysterious creatures along with them.

Organisms can affect our bodies and alter our consciousness. They can also result in people committing crimes.

The masters in the old days and followers fashioned seven wooden slips from sacred trees and incorporated foreign objects into the wood. They named them the “Seven roots heart slips” They then employed meteorite iron to make Phoenix Luan buckles to make them water-proof.

The noble and lofty concepts of the past generation perpetuated the legacy of exemplary virtues and documented the method for sealing hearts slips which were passed over to the next generation.

100 years back, an hound stumbled across an old wooden slip inside Fengziling. The heart slip was discovered across the globe. In the past 20 years, several bizarre murders have occurred.

Five young and modest people, Kiyo, Luo Ren, Yan Hongsha, Shiwansan and Cao Yanhua, formed the “Phoenix Squad” in the course of chance and embarked on an adventure to stop a murderous crime. Jane’s adventures.

Qi Geng Xin Jian Cast

Song Wei Long as Luo Ren

Liu Hao Cun as Mu Dai

Ao Rui Peng as Jiang Zhao

Wang Yi Ting as Yan Hong Sha

Zhang Yi Chi as Cao Yan Hua

Sha Bao Liang as Support Role

Zuo Xiao Qing as Support Role

Yue Yao Li as Support Role

Yan Yi Kuan as Support Role

Yang Hao Yu as Shen Gun

Li Jian as Support Role

Gao Bei Bei as Support Role

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