Battle of Shang Gan Ling (2024

Battle of Shang Gan Ling is a Chinese Action, Drama (2024). Battle of Shang Gan Ling cast: Huang Xuan, Wang Lei, Yuan Wen Kang. Battle of Shang Gan Ling Release Date: 2024. Battle of Shang Gan Ling Episodes: 24.

Battle of Shang Gan Ling Detail

Drama: Battle of Shang Gan Ling (2024)
Network: Youku
Main Stars: Huang Xuan, Wang Lei, Yuan Wen Kang
Genres: Action, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Shang Gan Ling, Ju Ji Shang Gan Ling, 狙击上甘岭, 上甘嶺, 狙擊上甘嶺, 上甘岭, Battle of Shang Gan Ling 2024

Battle of Shang Gan Ling Synopsis and Plot Summary

In 1952, having endured numerous combats in the war, The Volunteer Army had taken the initiative to conduct combat operations on the ground to fight U.S. aggression and aid Korea.

To gain momentum for the campaign and to reap the benefits of the negotiation table The “United Nation Army” made one last stand in Shangganling.

On the 14th of October that day, on October 14 “United Nation Army” Army” began a ferocious assault on Shangganling.

The volunteers fought hard against an “United United Nations Army” attack, and fought repeatedly for positions. They retreated into the tunnels, and continued fighting in an extremely hostile setting in the aftermath of conflict.

They determinedly fought back and constantly consolidating their positions during the final phase. Following 43 long days of combat and fighting, the soldiers of the volunteers finally took the victory.

This war demonstrated China’s nationalism and military strength. The following decades there was no Western nation was able to inflict a rebuke on China.

Battle of Shang Gan Ling Cast

Huang Xuan as Duan Xian Feng

Wang Lei as Qin Ji Wei

Yuan Wen Kang as Feng Bai Sheng

Pan Bin Long as Hu Man Cang

Liu Hao Cun as Du Wen Jin

Zhao Run Nan as Shuang Xi

Xiao Ding Dong as Fan Yuan Bao

Du Jiang as Li De Sheng

Wang Sheng Kai as Support Role

Li Chen as Gao Feng Liang

Zhu Ya Wen as He Guang Hua

Ou Hao as Huang Ji Guang

Yin Xiao Tian as Yang De Zhi

Lai Xi as Support Role

Li Dong Xue as Support Role

Zhang Ya Mei as Xiang Hong

Liu Jin as Zhou En Lai

Huang Wei as Deng Ying Chao

Wang Ting as Wang Jin Shan

Ashton Chen as Qiu Shao Yun

Feng Shao Feng as Mo Yuan

Tang Guo Qiang as Mao Ze Dong

Lu Qi as Deng Xiao Ping

Zhou Xiao Bin as Guest Role

Huang Lei as Guest Role

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