Overseas Rescue (2024)

Overseas Rescue is a Chinese Drama (2024). Overseas Rescue cast: Gao Wei Guang, Zhang Zhi Jian, Feng Yuan Zheng. Overseas Rescue Release Date: 2024. Overseas Rescue Episodes: 40.

Overseas Rescue Detail

Drama: Overseas Rescue (2024)
Director: Zhang Yong Xin
Main Stars: Gao Wei Guang, Zhang Zhi Jian, Feng Yuan Zheng
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Hai Wai Jiu Yuan, 海外救援, Overseas Rescue 2024

Overseas Rescue Synopsis and Plot Summary

The five workers from the Chinese-funded institution M in Africa were kidnapped randomly by the illegal armed forces.

Shen Yinghua a country N consular protection agent with a wealth of rescuing expertise was sent urgently from the Consular Protection Center of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She would join Guo Hu and Liu Zixin of home rescue to help in the rescue operation.

Who went Country M? Ambassador Bi, who is from the Washington, D.C. embassy of Country M, used diplomatic channels.

The five individuals were brought together after overcoming many difficulties with the help of tribal, military and political elders.

All hostages were safely rescued. Shen Yinghua then returned to the Consular Protection Center of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she was appointed deputy director.

He has led a team to rescue soldiers from the peacekeeping mission, to search for students who have gone missing abroad, and to convince Xiao Liifang, to come home.

Shen Yinghua was a Chinese diplomatic who made a history during the evacuation process for Chinese living abroad. Even though his life was in danger.

He safely evacuated more that 20,000 Chinese residents of Country L.

Liu Zixin, Shen Yinghua and others also developed a deep relationship.

Overseas Rescue Cast

Gao Wei Guang as Main Role

Zhang Zhi Jian as Main Role

Feng Yuan Zheng as Support Role

Ding Yong Dai as Support Role

Li Guang Fu as Support Role

Liang Dan Ni as Support Role

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