My Doctor (2024)

My Doctor is a Chinese Drama (2024). My Doctor cast: Zhou You, Huang Yao, Victor Liu. My Doctor Release Date: 2024. My Doctor Episodes: 14.

My Doctor Detail

Drama: My Doctor (2024)
Network: Mango TV
Director: Jiang Wei
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Zhou You, Huang Yao, Victor Liu
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 14
Also Known As: Wo Jia De Yi Sheng, 我家的醫生, My Doctor 2024

My Doctor Synopsis and Plot Summary

When the 22-year-old Guan Xu first arrived in Xingcheng an Xingcheng neighborhood, a meal of great comfort encouraged him to head directly to the local hospital.

He didn’t realize that the general practitioner who was treating himself was in fact his sister Zhao Dongcheng.

The two bizarre brothers were reunited thus the history about Qingshanluishui Community Hospital began.

Zhao Dongcheng tried hard to be near to Guan Xu, attempting to awaken his childhood love but he was repeatedly smashed through barriers.

In this tense couple, Guan Xu was also required to adjust to the demands of eating, work dinner and then go out with one another with his younger brother Zhao Dongcheng.

The director of the department of public health Yu Shi, the treasure of the rehabilitation department Shen Xinxin along with the doctor resident Zhang Jun. days.

Guan Xu witnessed the subtle yet powerful “miracles” they crafted in this place. Unknowingly, a feeling of worship began to rise within the young man’s soul.

In the same way the affection shared by the brothers appeared at this time.

Guan Xu and the doctors at Qingshanluishui kept the sorrows and joys here as well as the bitterness caused by the love.

This has transformed his outlook about family and life and also ended his path from being manipulated by love to growing in a world of love.

My Doctor Cast

Zhou You as Zhao Dong Cheng

Huang Yao as Yu Shi

Victor Liu as Guan Xu

Jerry Shao as Xi Xi

Jia Jing Hui as Zhang Jun

Liu Wei Long as Shen Xin Xin

Wang Zi Shen as Zhao Dong Cheng | Young

Chen Hao Yu as Xu Jing Xia

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