Our Parallel Universes (2024)

Our Parallel Universes is a Chinese Comedy, Drama (2024). Our Parallel Universes cast: Snow Kong, Li Ge Yang, Zhang Hao Yu. Our Parallel Universes Release Date: 4 February 2024. Our Parallel Universes Episodes: 12.

Our Parallel Universes Detail

Drama: Our Parallel Universes (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Wang Li
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Main Stars: Snow Kong, Li Ge Yang, Zhang Hao Yu
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 4 February 2024
Season: 1
Aired: 4 February 2024-8 February 2024
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Also Known As: Shao Ye He Wo, 少爺和我, 一年一度喜乐会之《少爷和我》, 少爷和我, Our Parallel Universes 2024

Our Parallel Universes Synopsis and Plot Summary

Nan Yu started out as the star of a Mary Sue-style game. She lived her life in pursuit of men. But when she woke this morning, she found that she was now in the Republic of China. She became a medical examiner of corpses.

Nan Yu was at a loss when she realized that a mysterious will had taken control of her. Nan Yu found out that to return to the first game world, he would have to solve an enigmatic murder case.

Nan Yu is also in a competition with Gao Han (the male protagonist Al) from another detective-game of the Republic of China to control the body. Only one of two characters can return home.

One studies love all the time, and one studies murder all day. Nan Yu understands that she won’t be able to win against Gao Han if she goes head-on, so it is best for her to adopt the wrong approach. It was not easy for her to imagine.

All the settings of Al’s World are imitated, in real time and in space. This vividly shows the strangeness of society in the Republic of China.

The dead had a high status and different forces secretly competed to take a slice of the pie following the murder. Nanyu is not alone in having to face Gao Han.

Nan Yu, desperate, asked Gao Han for help. Gao Han then found out that Nan Yu needed his help to solve the crime.

The two worked together, putting aside their past doubts for the moment and clearing the fog to get to the truth.

Nanyu, who was one of the suspected suspects, was pursued in this process by Jiang Junsheng.

Gao Han realised that Nanyu had attracted him for a very long time. The emotional trends of all three people are becoming increasingly difficult to understand as the case moves closer to its final conclusion.

Our Parallel Universes Cast

Zhang Zhe Hua as Long Ao Tian

Zhan Xin as Main Role

Han Qing as Support Role

Li Kui as Liu Zi

Jiang Long as Jiang Xian Sheng

Shi Yuan Ting as Xiao Jing Cha

Tu Dou Chun Yi Lang as Security guard

Rong Fei as Zhe Hua’s father

Guo Xin Yu as Zhang Kun

Waise Lee as Shuo Shu Xian Sheng

Li Xiao Chuan as Li Tuan Zhang

Cheng Jun Hao as Ren Xian Sheng

Zhang Xiao Wan as Lao Ban Niang

Hao Peng Fei as Shi Di

He Lan Dou as He Lan Dou

Chui Na Li Sha as Chui Chui

Lawrence Wang as Ou Yang

Fu Jia as Jia Ge

Li Chuan as Chuan Ge

Fu Bo Han as Xiao Hua

Luo Zi Shuo as Xiao Bo

Wang Jin Song as Wu Lao Shi

Li Qin Qin as Liu Bo’s mother

Li Dou Dou as Dou Dou

Liu Hao Yan as Da Ye

Zhe Tang as Zhu Ba Jie

Lei Song Ran as Sha Zeng

Fatima Yaqi as Chang E

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