Islands (2024)

Islands is a Chinese Drama (2024). Islands cast: Ma Si Chun, Xu Fan, Li Cheng Ru. Islands Release Date: 13 February 2024. Islands Episodes: 40.

Islands Detail

Drama: Islands (2024)
Network: Tencent Video
Writer: Zhu Qi
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Ma Si Chun, Xu Fan, Li Cheng Ru
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 13 February 2024
Season: 1
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Her Islands, Ta He Ta De Qun Dao, Yan Huo Ren Jia, 她和她的群島, 她和她的群岛, 烟火人家, Islands 2024

Islands Synopsis and Plot Summary

The patriarchal zealous Qiao Haiyun once set a requirement that everyone return home during this Chinese new year. There has been no one who has broken this rule until the most sincere 3rd generation Li Yijin abruptly break the rules.

Then I visited my partner’s home for a celebration of the new Year and it caused family tensions. Qiao Haiyun’s three children are hers. The eldest daughter, Meng Mingwei, isn’t his biological child.

He’s lazy and is self-deprecating He is apathetic and looks towards his daughter. The relationship between him and Li Yijin, his daughter, is very intense.

In the end, they can understand each other’s struggles and ultimately realize that keeping an acceptable distance between them is the best method to keep the bond between the mother and daughter. other child Meng Wanqing and the academic daughter.

Tao Shuna is the perfect mom and daughter, however, the two of them have a conversation about everything at random uncover each other’s secrets and the process of coming to be friends in a new way is a means that allows them to get acquainted with oneself once more.

The two are finally able to realize that a perfect mother-daughter bond does not revolve around covering up imperfections, but rather supporting one another. the third child. Meng Yi’an, is the most similar to Qiao Haiyun. She is confident and self-reliant.

She wasn’t looking to become strong just like her mother however she ended up in the same place that her mother was on.

The challenge of balancing work and family life made her slowly realize her mother’s role in the past.

The women from Three generations within the Meng family form an archipelago. Even though they are separated from one another They support one another and live in harmony.

Islands Cast

Ma Si Chun as Li Yi Jin

Xu Fan as Meng Ming Wei

Li Cheng Ru as Li Cheng Zhi

Liang Jing as Meng Wan Qing

Li Xiao Ran as Meng Yi An

Song Chun Li as Qiao Hai Yun

Sun Qian as Tao Shu Na

Liu Jun as Tao Da Lei

Wang Tian Chen as Zhou Dao

Song Ning as Qiu Xia

Geng Le as Song Jun Fan

Ding Chuan as Liao Zhe

Chen Jing Ke as Support Role

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