Ordinary Greatness (2022)

Overall: Ordinary Greatness is a Chinese Action, Drama (2022). Ordinary Greatness cast: Zhang Ruo Yun, Bai Lu, Wang Jing Chun. Ordinary Greatness Release Date: 28 May 2022. Ordinary Greatness Episodes: 38.

Ordinary Greatness Detail

Drama: TOrdinary Greatness (2022)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Ding Hei
Writer: Zhao Dong Ling
Main Stars: Zhang Ruo Yun, Bai Lu, Wang Jing Chun
Country: China
Genres: Action, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 28 May 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 28 May 2022-13 June
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 38
Also Known As: 警察荣耀 , Jing Cha Rong Yao , Jing Cha Rong Yu, 警察荣誉, Ordinary Greatness 2022

Ordinary Greatness Synopsis and Plot Summary

The play specifically tells the story of grassroots public security police fighting crime and shielding the safety of 1 birthday celebration. The play describes 4 young policemen who’ve simply joined the police force. At the beginning, that they had numerous imaginations approximately the career of the police.

When faced with massive paintings pressures, sharp social conflicts, and new challenges added through the media age to police station paintings they have skilled confusion and frustration, and they have additionally had the idea of ​​being harassed, doubting themselves and even giving up. However, beneath the influence of the superb tradition of the people’s police, and the lessons of the antique police, the young people have withstood the check and received speedy boom.

The police’s venture and honor have also won a new information and come to be a qualified people’s police.With this new three-person crew, they propose a modern day one for the satellite tv for pc machine and they get covered within the core R&D crew.

Ordinary Greatness Cast

Zhang Ruo Yun as Li Da Wei
Bai Lu as Xia Jie
Wang Jing Chun as Wang Shou Yi
Kao Chiang as Director Zhou
Chen Hao as Traffic policeman
Xu Kai Cheng as Yang Shu
Cao Lu as Zhao Ji Wei
Ning Li as Chen Xin Cheng Police Offcier / Li Da Wei’s Mentor
Wang Tong Hui as Cheng Hao Police Officer / Xia Jie’s Mentor
Zhao Yang as Cao Jian Jun Police Officer / Yang Shu’s Mentor
Li Xiao Chuan as Zhang Zhi Jie Police Officer / Zhao Ji Wei’s Mentor
Qi Kui as Gao Chao
Guo Hong as Xia Jie’s mother
Wang Hong as Director Song
Liu Guan Lin as Yue Wei
Qi Xiang as Ye Wei
Zhang Wen as Zhou Hui
Fenny Wu as Xia Jie’s aunt
Liu Wei Wei as Doctor Wu
Liu Yi Wei as Sun You Guang
Wang Xin as Doctor Zhuo
Huo Qing as Director Zeng
Li Long Jun as Sun Qian Cheng
Ma Yan as Captain Luo
Li Cheng Ru as Li Yi Sheng
Xu Di as Li Da Wei’s mother
Sean Zheng as Liu Yu Hao
Kang Qun Zhi as Liu Yu Hao’s mother
Guo Jing as Shen Da Sheng’s mother / Fake Dealer
Wu Zi Tong as Shen Da Sheng’s wife
Ji Peng as Shen Da Sheng
Meng Xiu as Mother Qiao
Li Hong Quan as Father Qiao
Chen Wei as Mother Xu
Wang He Yu as Xu Zi Ming
Zhao Qi as Director Xu
Cao Xin Yue as Xiang Cui Hua
Shao Lao Wu as Xiang Cui Hua’s lover
Yuan Shi Long as Qi Zi
Li Zhi Qiang as Uncle Liang
Tian Miao as Mrs. Ma
Eric Zhang as Wang Gang
Ma Wen Bo as Wang Jian Guo
Ray Cao as Mr. Wei Ms. Zhou’s husband
Emily Chen as Jing Jing Doctor Wu’s daughter
Li Hong Lei as Xiao Li Police Officer
Ma Fan Ding as Chen Jia Jia
Li Jie as Chen Jia Jia’s step-father
Xu Nan Nan as Zhou Cong
Chi Peng as Cao Jian Jun’s mother-in-law
Ma Ying Chun as Cao Jian Jun’s ex-husband
Zhang Yuan Yu as Bar owner
Xi Yu Li as Shang Zhen
Nie Zi Hao as Xiao Bai
Gao Yu Qing as Sloppy uncle
Yang Xiao Dan as Qiao Da Mei
Yang Kai Chun as Sister Yu
Ru Tian as Liu Xiao Li’s step-mother
Tony Chen as Traffic Police
Wu Jian as Da Qi Traffic Police
Chen Wei Dong as Liu Qiang

Ordinary Greatness Trailer

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