One Week Friends (2022)

Overall: One Week Friends is a Chinese Movie (2022). One Week Friends cast: Zhao Jin Mai, Lin Yi, Shen Yue. One Week Friends Release Date: 25 June 2022. One Week Friends.

One Week Friends Detail

Movie: One Week Friends (2022)
Main Stars: Zhao Jin Mai, Lin Yi, Shen Yue
Genres: Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 25 June 2022
Season: 1
Also Known As: Yi Zhou De Peng You, 周的朋友, One Week Friends 2022

One Week Friends Synopsis and Plot Summary

Lin Xiang Zhi suffers from a unusual amnesia.
Her reminiscence of her friends can handiest ultimate for a week, and she has become withdrawn as a end result.
That is until the appearance of a transfer pupil named Xu You Shu. His kindness and staying power make Xiang Zhi steadily open up.The are determined to stand the past collectively, find the truth in their memories, and redeem every other’s future.

One Week Friends Cast

Zhao Jin Mai as Lin Xiang Zhi
Lin Yi as Xu You Shu
Shen Yue as Song Xiao Nan
Wang Jia Hui as Jiang Wu
Zhang Lei as Support Role
Fan Shi Ran as Xu Jie
Zhang Chen Xiao as Xu Yi

One Week Friends Trailer

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