Nice To Meet You Again (2022)

Overall: Nice To Meet You Again is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2022). Nice To Meet You Again cast: Jin Dong, Li Xiao Ran, Yvonne Zhang. Nice To Meet You Again Release Date: 7 June 2022. Nice To Meet You Again Episodes: 40.

Nice To Meet You Again Detail

Drama: Nice To Meet You Again (2022)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Zang Xi Chuan
Main Stars: Jin Dong, Li Xiao Ran, Yvonne Zhang
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 7 June 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 7 June 2022-26 June 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: See Deer in The Deep , Li Shen Shi Jian Lu , 林深时见鹿 , 多喝热水 , Duo He Re Shui , Lin Shen Jian Lu, 林深见鹿, Nice To Meet You Again 2022

Nice To Meet You Again Synopsis and Plot Summary

The tide of existence pushes anyone ahead. You can either face it head-on or lie flat. This is an open-e-book exam with out a trendy solutions. You can draw instructions from each different however can’t cheat. Lin Shaotao and Jian Ai fell in love at the start sight in university, didn’t cut up after commencement like most couples did, and managed to get married after years of americaand downs. Every degree in their love made humans around them felt jealous. Therefore, it took Lin Shaotao with the aid of wonder that his circle of relatives existence broke down when he become trying to attain a revolution in his industry in middle age. As for Jian Ai, she did not inform anybody about her reason for the divorce. Jian Ai planned to leave Beijing for Dali. But due to her preceding running experience.

She became engaged with the aid of Liu Yingxia to solve the optimization disaster of VG China. Coincidentally, her ex-husband additionally were given again to paintings in VG as an operation supervisor. Their households and buddies failed to want them to break up within the first location. Under this situation, they racked their brains and made each try and carry Lin and Jian together, Lin Shaotao had to face diverse difficulties in the administrative center, in addition to address the cooperation of Jian Ai and Liu Yingxia and hints from his naughty buddies on the identical time. So, could Lin Shaotao get Jian Ai returned or element from her all the time? In the end, Lin Shaotao and Jian Ai, the couple who knew each different too well, got here to the crossroads in their lifestyles again.

Nice To Meet You Again Cast

Jin Dong as Lin Shao Tao
Li Xiao Ran as Jian Ai
Yvonne Zhang as Wu Qing
Yue Yang as Jia Kuan
Niu Li as Lin Shao Jing
Xu Bai Hui as Kang Ru
Zhang Yao as Liu Ying Xia
Cao Lei as Zhou Ming
Hou Chang Rong as Director Lu
Liu Shu Tong as Zhang Ya Hui
Wang Zi Quan as Yan Shuai
Jing Gang Shan as Gu Chen
Kong Lin as President Su
Shi Yu as Wan Yao Ming
Kang Qun Zhi as Mother Liu
Ni Da Hong as Mr. Sun
Jill Hsu as Chen Ming Ming
Yin Jun Zheng as Zhao Ming Ming
Ge Xiao Feng as Song Ying
Yuka as Fang Hao
Du Shuang Yu as Cheng Ye
Chen Zi Hao as Lu Jian
Gao Zhi Yang as Chen Xin Ran
Liu Yang as Chen Shuo
Yu Si Yuan as Chen Xiao Xiao
Zhang Zhi Ran as Xu Xiao Qing
Sun Mei Nan as Chen Chen
Dai Wen Bo as Chen Chang
Isabella as Chu Yue
Wang Bo Wen as Huang Xiang
Shao Xia as Dian Dian
Wang Jia Yin as Jia Zi Qian
Chi Ning Ning as Ya Hui’s bestie
Liu Shi Qi as Art troupe member
Fan Shi Ran as Jian Ai Young
Audrey Duo as Amy
Peng Jing as Translator
Pan Jun Tong as Zhou Ming Young
Ni Mu Si as Li Yun
Chen Chen as Mrs. Andy
Liu Si Wei as Zhao Xu
Maggie Yu as Liang Yin
Zhang Yu Qing as Enthusiastic girl
Hou Yong as Zou Kai

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