Nowhere (2021)

Overall: Nowhere is a Chinese Action, Adventure, Romance, Drama (2021). Nowhere cast: Joe Xu, Eddie Gu, Liu En Shang. Nowhere Release Date: 2021. Nowhere Episodes: 48.

Nowhere Detail

Drama: Nowhere (2021)
Network: ZJTV
Director: Sun Kai Kai
Main Stars: Joe Xu, Eddie Gu, Liu En Shang
Genres: Action, Adventure, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 2021
Also Known As: Wu You Zhi Di, 无忧之地, Nowhere 2021

Nowhere Synopsis and Plot Summary

In Nan’ao City, Yang Shenxing was saved by Sun Bufan, and from that point he becomes acquainted with the mystery news about the meteor energy. In this world, there are a few people who can pick up touchy forces through the meteor energy. Sun Bufan names himself as the head of the logical exploration group, who is shaped by the individuals with exceptional forces.

Their central goal is to keep everything under control. One year back, the examination place was demolished, and Yang Shenxing now turns into the desire for reproducing the middle because of his remarkable potential. Alongside Sun Pangzi and others, he started a bold excursion to discover the overcomers of the examination group. Along his excursion, he meets Jiang Mengxiao and begins to look all starry eyed from the outset sight for her.

The deceiver of the exploration group, Zhou Zhen shows up and alongside him, a vile plot is blending. Yang Shenxing endeavors to stop him, and furthermore draws nearer to discovering reality with regards to his folks’ passing. Zhou Zhen utilizes falsehoods and duplicity to get Yang Shenxing on his side.

Sun Pangzi and the others utilize their life to battle against Zhou Zhen, and saved Yang Shenxing, however bites the dust all the while. Not having any desire to frustrate his companions, Yang Shenxing cooperates with Jiang Mengxiao to revamp the exploration place and battle against evil.

Nowhere Cast

Joe Xu as Yang Shen Xing
Eddie Gu as Juzhong Renwu
Liu En Shang as Sun Pan Zi
Guan Le as Miss Ya
Zhang Yi Xi as Huang Jing Jing
Augus Lang as Dr. Chen
Qin Yi Jia as Sha Sha
Gloria Guan as Miss Ya

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