My Best Friend’s Story (2021)

Overall: My Best Friend’s Story is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2021). My Best Friend’s Story cast: Cecilia Liu, Ni Ni, Dong Zi Jian. My Best Friend’s Story Release Date: 2021. My Best Friend’s Story Episodes: 40.

My Best Friend’s Story Detail

Drama: My Best Friend’s Story (2021)
Network: Dragon TV
Director: Shen Yan
Writer: Qin Wen
Main Stars: Cecilia Liu, Ni Ni, Dong Zi Jian
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 2021
Also Known As: Last Romance , Liu Jin Sui Yue , Lau Gam Seui Yut , 流金歲月, 流金岁月, My Best Friend’s Story 2021

My Best Friend’s Story Synopsis and Plot Summary

Set in the twentieth century Shanghai, it rotates around two ladies with various foundations and characters.

Who produce a profound companionship as they uphold each other through difficult situations throughout everyday life.

Zhu Suo is naturally introduced to neediness and is taken in by Jiang Nan Sun’s family. From that point on, the two ladies turned out to be dear companions.

After they ventured out into society, Zhu Suo immediately became well known in the labor force with her abilities and excellent execution.

Jiang Nan Sun keeps on pursueing scholastics, acquiring a standing as an astuteness. Nonetheless, the Jiang family later met with inconvenience and fell into despair.

Zhu Suo helps Jiang Nan Sun sink into the labor force, by helping her with living facilities and work openings.

With her persistent effort and information, Jiang Nan Sun slowly changes into an extraordinary middle class woman.

My Best Friend’s Story Cast

Cecilia Liu as Jiang Nan Sun
Ni Ni as Zhu Suo Suo
Dong Zi Jian as Xie Hong Zu
Tony Yang as Wang Yong Zheng
Eric Yang as Zhang An Ren
Tian Yu as Fan Jin Gang
Lawrence Wang as Yang Ke
Fenny Wu as Mrs. Jiang
Estelle Wu as Granny Jiang
Chen Dao Ming as Ye Jin Yan
Yuan Quan as Xia Qian
He Hong Shan as Yuan Yuan
Wu Yue as Qi Xin
Calvin Yu as Li Yi Fan
Morni Chang as Mr. Jiang

My Best Friend’s Story Trailer

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