Novoland: Pearl Eclipse (2021)

Overall: Novoland: Pearl Eclipse is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2021). Novoland: Pearl Eclipse cast: Yang Mi, William Chan, Xu Kai Cheng. Novoland: Pearl Eclipse Release Date: 10 November 2021. Novoland: Pearl Eclipse Episodes: 48.

Novoland: Pearl Eclipse Detail

Drama: Novoland: Pearl Eclipse (2021)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Lin Yu Fen, Jin Sha
Writer: Li Yan Qian
Main Stars: Yang Mi, William Chan, Xu Kai Cheng
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 10 November 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 10 November 2021-5 December 2021
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 48
Also Known As: Jiu Zhou Hu Zhu Fu Ren , Hu Zhu Fu Ren , 九州·斛珠夫人 , Madam Pearl, 斛珠夫人, Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 2021

Novoland: Pearl Eclipse Synopsis and Plot Summary

During the Zheng administration in the tremendous expanse of Novoland, the looking for a mysterious pearl which could be just gotten from a youthful Naga young lady tears’, caused the butcher of the Merfolk.

Therefore, Hai Shi lost her folks and her entire Yu seaside town. During Hai Shi’s most crucial point in time she met Fang Zhu, the principal official of the majestic court, Hai Shi at that point became Fang Zhu’s supporter.

Not long after, Zheng tradition’s royal court falls into an extraordinary disorder simultaneously clashes with different realms start.

Then the head Chu Zhong Xu is by all accounts incapable to maintain the control in his court and resembles a pompous ruler. However, the relentless help from Fang Zhu permits the country to see another season of harmony.

Hai Shi at that point turns into the individual gatekeeper of the head and she begins to be keen on him, and a few errors ascend between them.

At the point when the ruler discovers that Hai Shi is a young lady, he begins having affections for her. Hai Shi should confront her own sentiments towards Fang Zhu and the sovereign.

Novoland: Pearl Eclipse Cast

Yang Mi as Fang Hai Shi / Ye Hai Shi
William Chan as Fang Zhu / Fang Jian Ming
Xu Kai Cheng as Di Xu / Chu Zhong Xu
Chen Xiao Yun as Ti Lan / Zi Zan
Wang Sen as Zhou Ying / Duo Han / Duo Luo
Yuan Yu Xuan as Zhe Liu
Terry Li as Tang Gan Zi
Huang Jun Jie as Zhou You Du
Ye Xiao Wei as Chu Ji Chang
Feng Chu Xuan as Zhang Cheng Qian
Dong Xuan as Lang Huan
Zhong Wei Hua as Support Role
Han Xiu Yi as Su Ming
Zhang Zhi Ran as Support Role
Jiang Yi Ting as Chu Ji Chang Young
Eric Zhang as Chu Wei Yun
Leo Pei as Crown Prince
Wang Xing Chen as Temuge
Qi Er Luo as Wang Yuan Zhang
Duan Ran as Chief Treasurer Wu
Wang Xing Chen as Temuge
Hu Hong Yu as Tang Gan Zi Young
Liu Qi Qi as Ye Hai Shi Young
Zhang Zi Han as Di Xu Young
Zeng Yong Ti as Ju Qi Qi
Jiang Kai as Fang Zhi Yi
Ai Mi as Salia
He Si Tian as Ti Lan Young
David Zhang as Pu You Ma

Novoland: Pearl Eclipse Trailer

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