To Fly With You (2021)

Overall: To Fly With You is a Chinese Drama (2021). To Fly With You cast: Lareina Song, Wang An Yu, Pu Miao. To Fly With You Release Date: 22 November 2021. To Fly With You Episodes: 36.

To Fly With You Detail

Drama: To Fly With You (2021)
Network: Hunan TV
Director: Sha Wei Qi
Main Stars: Lareina Song, Wang An Yu, Pu Miao
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 22 November 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 22 November 2021-22 December 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: Accompany You to Fly by the Wind , Pei Ni Zhu Feng Fei Xiang, 陪你逐风飞翔 ,To Fly With You 2021

To Fly With You Synopsis and Plot Summary

Shen Zheng Yi, a woman who loved ice-skating, has observed her purpose after participating and advancing in a iciness sports opposition. Behind her mother’s returned, she determine to try getting into the Zhu Feng Sports Club to be able to end up a expert short music pace skater. From not having experienced career training, she undergoes difficult challenges each physically and mentally; and ultimately succeeded in getting into the membership. However, she faces new challenges – learning new expert techniques, cooperating together with her group-associates and also dealing with her mother’s competition.

An vintage incident involving Zheng Yi and her mother, as well as her train Zhuang Yue was additionally unveiled in the manner. With the encouragement of her close pal Shao Beisheng from the parent skating team, she overcomes those limitations and won the agree with of her team mates, becoming the black horse of the opposition season. She also reaches mutual expertise with Zhuang Yue, and shaped a near trainer-pupil bond with him. Two generations of quick track velocity skaters constantly combat for their desires with out giving up, giving their all inside the competition.

To Fly With You Cast

Song Zu Er as Shen Zheng Yi
Wang An Yu as Shao Bei Sheng
Pu Miao as Zhuang Yue
Xu Yang as Xiao Han
Xia Meng as Xiao Qing
Li Hao Fei as Zhu Le Le
Fu Wei Lun as Qu Zhi

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