My Super Hero (2022)

Overall: My Super Hero is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2022). My Super Hero cast: Huang Xuan, Bai Bai He, Zhu Yu Chen. My Super Hero Release Date: 18 May 2022. My Super Hero Episodes: 37.

My Super Hero Detail

Drama: My Super Hero (2022)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Li Xue
Writer: Yuan Zi Dan
Main Stars: Huang Xuan, Bai Bai He, Zhu Yu Chen
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 18 May 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 18 May 2022-6 June 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 37
Also Known As: My Superhero , Wo De Chao Ji Ying Xiong , 我的超級英雄 , 我的超级英雄 , Huan Ying Guang Lin, 欢迎光临, My Super Hero 2022

My Super Hero Synopsis and Plot Summary

Zhang Guang Zheng is a nerdy couch potato who just takes what existence gives him and does not aspire for more. However, he decides that it’s time for a alternate after falling for flight attendant Zhang You En. Joining Zheng You En’s mom Liu Meili’s organization of dancing grannies at the general public rectangular turns into a watch-commencing enjoy for him. The ladies’ braveness and passion for life inspire him to do the equal. At this time, his apparently strict inn supervisor has initiated a software on worker improvement. With the encouragement of buddies, Zhang Guang Zheng works tough to skip the assessment on the way to achieve opportunities for similarly studies.

He forges in advance, constantly narrowing the space between Zheng You En and him. In turn, he additionally makes an effect within the lives of the human beings round him including the Zhang You En who used to hold to herself, Wang Niulang who’s afraid to fall for a person, and Chen Jing Dian who gave up on his postgraduate entrance exam for worry of failing. In striving to become a hero in existence, Zhang Guang Zheng will become his quality self.

My Super Hero Cast

Huang Xuan as Zhang Guang Zheng
Bai Bai He as Zheng You En
Zhu Yu Chen as Wang Niu Lang
Bai Yu Fan as Chen Jing Dian
Chai Bi Yun as Support Role
Xue Hao Jing as Support Role
Ding Jia Li as Support Role
Yang Kun as Liu Mei Li
Yue Yang as Support Role
Karlina Zhang as Support Role
Jia Jing Hui as Support Role
Yang Zi Yi as Support Role
Yang Zi Mo as Support Role
Bi Yan Jun as Yang Shou Yi
Zhang Wen
as Guo Yue
Dan Si Han as Little prince
Lin Le Xuan as Xiao Li
Zhang Tao
as Mr. Jiang
Zhang Lu
as Aunt Li
Fu Xiao Na
as Aunt Ma
Yuan Wen Kang
as Mr. Duan
Mu Li Yan as Duan’s mother
Qi Kui
as Brother Tu Hao
Zhang Xiao Qian
as Real Estate Agent
Zhao Qian Zi
as Sister Zhang
Yu Sha Sha
as Tian Mei Zi
He Yu Hong
as Xiao Hong
Xu Wei
as Xiao Wei
He Du Juan
as Female care worker
Hou Xiao
as Mr. Hou
Zhu Meng Yao
as Ms. Zhu
Peng Gao Chang
as Xiao Chang
Wei Lu
as Lu Lu
Ning Wen Tong
as Brother Chao
Liu Ting Zuo
as Ma Zi Da’s owner
Scotty Cox
as Foreign executive
Chen Yu Tong
as Guo Yue’s husband
Feng Hui
as Chen Jing Dian’s father
Hao Yang
as Chen Jing Dian’s mother
Huang Yu Qing
as Young doorman
Wang Bing
as Doorman
Rui Wei Hang
as Male couple
Yuan Bai Zi Hui
as Female couple
Jane Wu
as Women wearing red lipstick
Jeremy Qu
as Tall and thin man
Wu Chao
as Mr. Wu
Hong Jia Ning
as Makeup artist
Yue Yang
as Sun Guang Ting
Karlina Zhang
as Jiu Jin
Zhao Xue
as Liu Mei Li Young
Wang Li Dan
as Sun Cai Xia Young

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