My Boss (2024)

My Boss is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). My Boss cast: Chen Xing Xu, Zhang Ruo Nan, Chen Xiao Yun. My Boss Release Date: 4 January 2024. My Boss Episodes: 36.

My Boss Detail

Drama: My Boss (2024)
Network: Youku
Director: Chen Ming Zhang
Writer: Li Jing Ling
Main Stars: Chen Xing Xu, Zhang Ruo Nan, Chen Xiao Yun
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 4 January 2024
Season: 1
Aired: 4 January 2024-31 January 2024
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: Ni Ye You Jin Tian, 你也有今天, My Boss 2024

My Boss Synopsis and Plot Summary

Are Cheng Yao dreams of becoming a top lawyer about to be the reality of his dreams? It’s not a surprise that she’s been sought out by a reputable law firm.

In awe, she decides to move her house to be closer to her workplace.

She is full of optimism. Eventually, she is able to meet her companion in the crime Qian Heng.

However, there’s a surprise waiting for her on her first day at work.

Qian Heng has proven as her manager at work and is extremely difficult to work with!

Her training time quickly transforms into an intense experience and she starts to suspect that her manager is seeking to exile her from the workplace.

But, Cheng Yao won’t be so easily convinced.

She is working hard to prove she’s capable of reaching her goals.

Can her passion bring this couple in the direction of peace, or perhaps romance?

My Boss Cast

Chen Xing Xu as Qian Heng

Zhang Ruo Nan as Cheng Yao

Ye Xiao Wei as Gu Bei

Fan Shuai Qi as Liang Yi Ran

Gavin Xie as Deng Ming

Chen Hao Lan as Tan Ying

Li Dian Zun as Yu Fei

He Wen Jun as Bao Yue

Li Jun Xian as Wu Jun

Chen Xiao Yun as Support Role

Liu Jie as Cheng Yao’s mother

Yue Yao Li as Qian Heng’s father

Yvonne Yung as Qian Heng’s mother

Lan Cheng as Cheng Yao’s father

Shao Yi Fan as Lin Lan

Liu Ya Peng as Chairman Zhang

Tan Li Min as Consort Heng

Zhu Jian as Director Wang

Luo Lei as Chairman Chen

Vicky Li as Mrs. Wang

Wang Kun as Auntie Zhong

Chen Yu Zhe as Cheng Xiao He

Zhu Li as Liang Jing Jing

Li Yi Ze as Doctor

Li Hong Lei as Psychiatrist

Han Xiu Yi as Landlord

Frankie Guo as Emperor

Zhao Wen Ming as Wu Jie’s ex-husband

Zhang Qing Qing as Dog walker

Leng Hai Ming as Yao Feng

Zhong Wei Lun as Xie Ming

Liu Lei as Zhang Hao

Lan Hai Meng as Xue Ming

Katherine Yang as Liang Liang

Qin Yue as Deng Ming’s mother

Tang Qun as Huang Ran

Zhou Xiao Li as Wu Jie

Wang Yuan Ke as Chen Lin Li

Zhai Guan Hua as Lin Feng Juan

Du Ya Fei as Lu Jian

Gong Jin Guo as Old Mister Dong

Cao Ming Yue as Chen Qing Mei

Xiong Rui Ling as Jiang Wen Xiu

Li Chuan Ying as Dong Shan

Wang Zi Xuan as Dong Min

Zheng Jia Bin as Xu Jun

Ming Dao as Boss Chen

Jiang Yan as Bai Xing Meng

Zhang Chen as Li Cheng Xuan

Jiang Zhuo Jun as Li Meng Ting

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