Me and My Family (2024)

Me and My Family is a Chinese Drama (2024). Me and My Family cast: Zhou Yu Tong, Wu Yue, Liu Chang. Me and My Family Release Date: 2024. Me and My Family Episodes: 24.

Me and My Family Detail

Drama: Me and My Family (2024)
Network: Hunan TV
Director: Li Mo
Main Stars: Zhou Yu Tong, Wu Yue, Liu Chang
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: 180 Days Paternity Plan, 180 Tian Pei Chan Ji Hua, 180天陪產計劃, Me and My Family 2024

Me and My Family Synopsis and Plot Summary

Gu Yunsu dreamed to become a writer. After she fell in love, she quit her work and pursued her dream.

She went home to her mother Wu Limei for a short period. Her mother had never married in a flash marriage, despite her age of nearly 50.

Gu Yunsu’s good intentions were quickly thrown out the window when she was asked to be the guide for a pregnant older woman who did not prepare.

He lived with his straight-forward mother, an unrelated brother, and stepfather in the same home.

A heartwarming and funny story about a loving family.

Gu Yunsu was Xu Wenbin’s daughter. She had never met Gu Yunsu before. During the process both of them became friends.

Gu Yunsu realized that her mother was a very important person in her life. Wu Limei experienced the same thing, when she saw her little cotton coat-like daughter.

Gu Yunsu embraced her new family in a warm and loving way. She also found new paths in career and life.

Me and My Family Cast

Zhou Yu Tong as Main Role

Wu Yue as Main Role

Liu Chang as Support Role

Geng Le as Support Role

He Luo Luo as Support Role

Wu Li Peng as Support Role

Han Mo as Support Role

Chen Ming Hao as Guest Role

Zhu Yin as Guest Role

Shen Meng Chen as Guest Role

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