Lu Xiang Yuan Han Yuan Chuan (2024)

Lu Xiang Yuan Han Yuan Chuan is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). Lu Xiang Yuan Han Yuan Chuan cast: William Chan, Song Yi, Hanson Ying. Lu Xiang Yuan Han Yuan Chuan Release Date: 2024. Lu Xiang Yuan Han Yuan Chuan Episodes: 40.

Lu Xiang Yuan Han Yuan Chuan Detail

Drama: Lu Xiang Yuan Han Yuan Chuan (2024)
Director: Zang Xi Chuan
Writer: Han Chen Chen
Main Stars: William Chan, Song Yi, Hanson Ying
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Splendid Paintings, 锦绣画绝韩媛传, Lu Xiang Yuan Han Yuan Chuan, Lu Xiang Yuan Han Yuan Chuan 2024

Lu Xiang Yuan Han Yuan Chuan Synopsis and Plot Summary

During the Jiajing time of the Ming Tradition, Gu Mingshi recovered stones from the lake and assembled the Luxiang Nursery.

The female individuals from the Gu family are great at weaving, with Miao Ruiyun’s abilities being the most elevated, and Gu weaving has become renowned.

Gu Mingshi respected Miao’s weaving, and Gu Huihai attempted to get Miao to assume control over the Gu family weaving studio and afterward Luxiang Nursery. Nonetheless, Gu Mingshi favored his second grandson Gu Shouqian.

At the point when he was youthful, Gu Shouqian concentrated on under Dong Qichang and took in his actual story. Dong Qichang established Danfeng Painting Nursery, and Gu Shouqian briefly took over as his replacement.

Han Ximeng hung out in the painter assessment. She has elevated desires not entirely settled to turn into a female expert who endlessly instructs. After many exciting bends in the road, Han Ximeng wedded into Luxiangyuan.

Seeing that Han Ximeng was extremely achieved in weaving, Miao Ruiyun secretly showed him Gu weaving embroidery, yet Mrs.

Gu made an honest effort to deter it. With Gu Shouqian’s assistance, Han Ximeng had the option to learn Gu weaving embroidery, and spearheaded the combination of weaving and painting, which became popular from one side of the planet to the other.

Financial specialists opened weaving shops and raced to purchase Gu weaving items. The Gong family was envious of the Gu family’s standing and exploited the passing of Hu Shang from the Western Locales to spread bits of hearsay.

They additionally joined with other weaving retailers to blacklist the Gu family’s weaving items, expecting to kill the Gu family.

Luxiang Nursery declined, Gu Shouqian’s life and demise were obscure, Han Ximeng set up a drape to show students, Gu weaving was passed down, Han Ximeng became popular everywhere, and turned into an age of female skilled workers.

Lu Xiang Yuan Han Yuan Chuan Cast

William Chan as Gu Shou Qian

Song Yi as Han Xi Meng

Hanson Ying as Gu Jin Yu

Zhao Ying Zi as Gong Ying Xue

Canti Lau as Dong Qi Chang

Gan Ting Ting as Liao Rui Yun

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