Love of the Divine Tree (2024)

Love of the Divine Tree is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). Love of the Divine Tree cast: Deng Wei, Julia Xiang, Chen Xin Hai. Love of the Divine Tree Release Date: 2024. Love of the Divine Tree Episodes: 40.

Love of the Divine Tree Detail

Drama: Love of the Divine Tree (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Yin Tao
Writer: Liu Fang
Genres: Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Deng Wei, Julia Xiang, Chen Xin Hai
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Sendai Tree, 仙台有樹, Xian Tai You Shu, 仙台有树, Love of the Divine Tree 2024

Love of the Divine Tree Synopsis and Plot Summary

Two decades ago Mu Qing Ge, the head in the Xishan Sect, sacrificed the Golden Core to secure her Ling Quan to her Su Yi Shui, her disciple in order to protect her people from the destruction caused by the spiritual demons’ spring.

His actions by Mu Qing G were misinterpreted by the public as those of a demon-like leader, resulting in an alliance between all four sects.

Su Yi Shui uncovered the truth prior to Mu Qing Ge’s death and, after overcoming many threats, he discovered his way to the Tree of Reincarnation, offering the half the Golden Core to help Mu Qing Ge to reincarnate. Twenty years after, Mu Qing Ge was revived with the name Xue Ran Ran.

Su Yi Shui was the one who took in the ailing and dying Ran Ran and vowed to guard her for the rest of her life.

With the seal of the spiritual spring loosing the demon cultivator Dun Tian seeks to use the Ling Quan to make an demonic son with the intention to cause harm to the living.

In accordance with Mu Qing Ge’s instruction Su Yi Shui took a risk with his life to lock Ling Quan. Ling Quan back to the realm of ghosts.

Su Yi Shui had been captured by Dun Tian as he sealed the spring of spirituality and suffered from memory loss. Despite losing his memory Su Yi Shui rediscovered his love for Ran Ran. into love Ran Ran and ran into Ran Ran.

Together, they faced a myriad of challenges, and ultimately stopped Dun Tian’s scheme and protecting the people and providing clarity for the entire world.

Love of the Divine Tree Cast

Deng Wei as Su Yi Shui

Julia Xiang as Xue Ran Ran / Mu Qing Ge

Chen Xin Hai as Su Yu

Zhang Wei Na as Mu Ran Wu

Deng Kai as Wei Jiu

Cao Yu Chen as Ceng Yi

Ai Mi as Qiu Xi Er

Hu Wei as Bai Bai Shan

Nie Zi Hao as Yan Liang Yu

Ray Chang as Ye Xin

Ma Jing Han as Kai Yuan Zhen Ren

Hou Chang Rong as Support Role

Yang Ming Na as Support Role

Guo Zi Fan as Support Role

Min Xing Han as Gao Cang

Bai Shu as Liang Wu Meng

Cheng Zi as Tu Jiu Yuan

Li Ruo Jia as Wen Hong Shan

Isabella as Mu Ran Wu | Past life

Hu Jia Xin as Yu Tong

Pan Yi Hong as Yu Chen

Wang Rui Zi as Zhou Fei Hua

Zhao Huan Ran as Wang Sui Zhi

Liu Yi Chen as Lao Feng

Wu Mei Yi as Zi Yun

Tong Yi Lang as Wu Mi

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