Lost Soul (2021)

Overall: Lost Soul is a Chinese Fantasy, Movie (2021). Lost Soul cast: Michelle Dong. Lost Soul Release Date: 18 April 2021. Lost Soul.

Lost Soul Detail

Movie: Lost Soul (2021)
Main Stars: Michelle Dong
Genres: Fantasy, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 18 April 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 18 April 2021
Also Known As: Shuang mian yao ji, 双面妖姬, Lost Soul 2021

Lost Soul Synopsis and Plot Summary

Chun Shan, a lady who works in Xiufang, experienced several monster attacks whilst she was around 18 years old. After meeting the monster catcher Shen Xuan, Shen Xuan gave Chun Shan a bell. Every time he had a disaster, Chun Shan shook the bell.
After several crises, the two of them felt emotional, grew deep, until Chun Shan became 18 years antique, he became a 1/2-human 1/2-demon “monster”, who might be managed through the satan to kill humans unconsciously at night time. It turns out that there is a secret of sacrifice in Luoxia City, in an effort to restore the river god, the priest will kill the dwelling and seal the blood into Chunshan’s body every three years. After some twists and turns, Shen Xuan located the roots of the rite. After combating desperately, he sacrificed his life to shop Chunshan and come to be a bridge. Chunshan waited on the area agreed upon by way of the two.

Lost Soul Cast

Michelle Dong as Main Role

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