Legend of the Ocean (2023)

Overall: Legend of the Ocean is a Chinese Movie (2023). Legend of the Ocean cast: Zhu Yuan Yuan, Clara Lee, Huang Zhi Zhong. Legend of the Ocean Release Date: 1 July 2023. Legend of the Ocean.

Legend of the Ocean Detail

Movie: Legend of the Ocean (2023)
Director: Liu Hong Mei
Main Stars: Zhu Yuan Yuan, Clara Lee, Huang Zhi Zhong
Genres: Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 1 July 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: Ocean Legend, Hai Yang Chuan Qi, 海洋传奇, Legend of the Ocean 2023

Legend of the Ocean Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story is about a brand new drug called N76 flowed into Xiaozhou town from Myanmar overseas and the stunning drug case affected the destiny of two brothers.

They took one of a kind paths one became an anti drug hero and the other have become a proper hand guy next to the drug lord through fate the 2 be a part of forces again to combat evil.

Legend of the Ocean Cast

Zhu Yuan Yuan as Mother Liu | Xiao Hai’s mother

Clara Lee as Lu Si

Huang Zhi Zhong as Curator Huang

Wang Zhuo Cheng as Yu Yang

Meng Zhi Xu as Sun Qian Qian

Wan Zi Qing as Yin Xi Xi

Tan Kai as Father Liu | Xiao Hai’s father

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