Look at Me (2023)

Overall: Look at Me is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Movie (2023). Look at Me cast: Wang Hao, Shi Ce, Ni Hong Jie. Look at Me Release Date: 30 June 2023. Look at Me.

Look at Me Detail

Movie: Look at Me (2022)
Director: Zhang Li
Main Stars: Wang Hao, Shi Ce, Ni Hong Jie
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 30 June 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: Tou Ming Xia Lu , Ming Ren , Kan Bu Jian Wo Men De Shi Jie , 透明人 , 看不见我们的世界 , Transparent Heroes, 透明侠侣, Look at Me 2023

Look at Me Synopsis and Plot Summary

Tech organization President Wu Congren has unexpectedly vanished from the world to turn into “imperceptible”. Similarly as he has lost all expectation, he meets office specialist Hu Xiaolu who is frequently ignored by everybody. She is the main individual who can see him in this account of common mending.

Look at Me Cast

Wang Hao as Main Role

Shi Ce as Main Role

Ni Hong Jie as Wu Man

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