Just in Time (2024)

Just in Time is a Chinese Drama (2024). Just in Time cast: Qin Hai Lu, Bao Jian Feng, Zuo Xiao Qing. Just in Time Release Date: 3 June 2024. Just in Time Episodes 40.

Just in Time Detail

Drama: Just in Time (2024)
Network: Hunan TV
Director: Han Xiao Jun
Main Stars: Qin Hai Lu, Bao Jian Feng, Zuo Xiao Qing
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 3 June 2024
Season: 1
Aired: 3 June 2024-28 June 2024
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Shi Guang Zheng Hao, Lao Ma You Xi, 老妈有喜, 時光正好, 老媽有喜, Just in Time 2024

Just in Time Synopsis and Plot Summary

Xu Mengan, who thought she was in control of everything in her mid-life She suddenly lost control over her life. The company she worked for laid off many employees, her professional advancement was halted and her spouse Li Lin lost his job as well as her daughter was accused of being involved in a flimsy marriage, she then unexpectedly was pregnant with a second baby.

All of these challenges came in a single day and left her exhausted. Finding the desire to begin again in the midst of adversity and how to manage the demands of her own personal growth with family responsibility are the main issues she has to resolve urgently. On the other hand her closest acquaintance Chen Wanzhen was ignored by her husband Yu Hai as a full-time household worker.

The woman was so depressed that she was compelled to return to work. The sister of Xu Mengan Xu Mengxin suffered from hormone imbalance in pregnancy. Through their struggles as well as pain overcome rigidity with a softness and finally, they were able to open up a whole new path in their lives. They saw a second growth.

Just in Time Cast

Pan Zhi Lin as Xu Meng Xin

Bao Jian Feng as Li Lin

Zhang Tao as Yu Chen

Du Yuan as Xu Guang Hua

Zhao Qi as Zhang Ke

Tiffany Zhang as Huang Si Si

Liang Li as Li Jing

Xue Shu Jie as Wang Hui Juan

Jin Feng as Mei Yi Duo

Cheng Yu as Xu Guang Rong

Zhang Yu Fei as Fei Fei

Liu Chang De as Vice President Qian

Mu Li Yan as Yu Li Ning

Sun Hao as Jia Hao Wen

Li Yi Xiao as Rachel

Tan Kai as Zhou Yao

Qin Hai Lu as Xu Meng An

Zuo Xiao Qing as Chen Wan Zhen

Tian Yu as Yu Hai

Jia Xiao Han as Li Yun Jie

Huang Xuan Wen as A Mu

Li Yue Xi as Shan Shan

Li Yu Xuan as Attorney Zhang

Liu Hao Yan as Paparazzi photographer

Xue Yu Bin as Mr. Zhou

Jing Ming as Secretary Chen

Yue Jia Yi as Xiao He

Wang Kun as He Lu’s grandmother

Su Xin as He Lu’s mother

Xing Yun Jia as Yu Zhen Zhen

Li Bao An as Director Sun

Jing Gang Shan as Si Ming’s father

Kevin Hou as Li Ren Jie

Yu Zhe as Dong Zi

Li Hong Lei as Xiao Sun

Liu Meng Ru as Xue Li

Du Yan as Doctor

Shang Guan Tong as Mrs. Mo

Wang Zi Mu as Liu Si Ming

Xu Xiao Han as Ling Mei Chuan

Cai Gang as Director Zheng

Ru Tian as Ying Zi

Leng Hai Ming as Hao Ze’s father

Hao Yi Lin as He Lu

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