Jian Chuan He (简川訸)

Jian Chuan He Synopsis and Plot Summary

Jian Chuanxi, born on April 7, 1971, in Shaanxi Province and completed his studies at Xi’an Art School with a major in acting. He has a role as a director for males in Mainland China.

Jian Chuanzhen directed the series “Debts to Pay Off” Since then, he officially started his career in directing.

The year 2009 was the first time he worked as a group director for the period film ” The Age of Steel ” The drama was awarded two awards for the Outstanding TV Drama of Long-Form during the China’s 28th Television Drama Feitian Awards.

In 2010 He directed the spy thriller “The Wise Man “. In 2011 his role was that of directing”Operation Butterfly,” a spy-themed drama ” Operation Butterfly “.


First Name: Chuan He
Native Name: 简川訸
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male


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