In the Name of the Brother (2024)

In the Name of the Brother is a Chinese Drama (2024). In the Name of the Brother cast: Qin Hao, Yang Mi, Jiang Qi Ming. In the Name of the Brother Release Date: 21 April 2024. In the Name of the Brother Episodes: 40.

In the Name of the Brother Detail

Drama: In the Name of the Brother (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Zhang Li
Writer: Wang Xiao Qiang
Genres: Mystery, Drama
Main Stars: Qin Hao, Yang Mi, Jiang Qi Ming
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 21 April 2024
Season: 1
Aired: 21 April 2024-12 May 2024
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Mei You Wo De Cheng, 没有我的城, 哈尔滨1944, Ha Er Bin 1944, 哈尔滨一九四四, In the Name of the Brother 2024

In the Name of the Brother Synopsis and Plot Summary

In spring and summer 1945 Communist spy Song Zhuowen managed to get inside Harbin Secret Service Section. Harbin Secret Service section of puppet Manchukuo.

Song Zhuowen’s remarkable thinking skills and precise style have earned him admiration of his colleagues.

But he also attracted the ire and secret quarrel of his colleagues. To locate the place where our group of members were kept in the dark.

Song Zhuowen profited from his understanding of the working process to discover clues and find the secret location of the detention facility and later rescued the members of the underground.

The various actions carried out by the Secret Service were frustrated one after another. Guan Xue The head officer of The Secret Service, believed that there was a rogue insider within the organisation and started to investigate the issue.

Song Zhuowen successfully removed himself from suspicion by using the intricate connections inside the clandestine.

The soldier continued to fight in hostile environments, was able to resolve numerous crisis situations and was able to complete a variety of difficult tasks, such as obtaining his garrison’s map.

However, he was discovered when his discovery of information regarding the creation of a secret weapon used by the Japanese army. He was wounded and then thrown to the ground during the retreat.

This group managed rescue the man and shield his from dangers in Harbin.

In the Name of the Brother Cast

Qin Hao as Song Zhuo Wen / Song Zhuo Wu

Yang Mi as Guan Xue

Jiang Qi Ming as Tian Xiao Jiang

Zhang Zi Xian as Pan Yue / Secret Service Intelligence Unit chief

Song Yun Hao as Daigo Asano

Luan Yuan Hui as Hu Bin / Secret Service Operations Unit chief

Lin Jia Chuan as He Shan

Rain Wang as Xie Yue

Li Dong Heng as Ning Li

Feng Bing as Ma Bo Le

Li Yu Xuan as Guan Kai

Zhao Bin as Shi Ming Fa

Dong Chang as Ding Peng

Zhang Guo Qiang as Qian Chong Li | Underground Communist Party member

Haogo as Daigo Asano

Sha Bao Liang as Director Jin

Tian Xiao Jie as Lao Duan

Jing Gang Shan as Guan Xue | Uncle

Liu Chen Xia as Aunt Chang

Gao Yu Qing as Businessman

Ge Zheng as Yang Hui Chang

Qu Gao Wei as Man in suit

Bian Tao as Director Yan

Liu Yu Ting as Qiao Er

Tang Qi Rong as Pharmacy shopkeeper

Ma Yan as Fang Zheng Wei

Jia Hong Wei as Old Miao

Tan Li Min as Doctor

Li Long Jun as Captain Li

Zhang Wen Jun as Director Li

Hai Yang as Zheng San

Sun Yi Yang as Xiao Zhao

Zhu Jian as Zhuo Wen | Young

Zhang Ning Hao as Dong Xiang

Leon Li as Xin Liang

Zhang Guo Qing as Director Xing

Zhou Si Yu as Xiao Wei

Zhang Xin Yi as Li Dong Ju

Mu Tong as Lu Hao

Wang Zi Ming as Xiao Bao

Hang Cheng Yu as Quan Zi

Wang Shuai as Dr. He

Ma Hao as Xiao Xu

Cao Hai Jun as Director Long

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