In Blossom (2024)

In Blossom is a Chinese Romance, Thriller, Drama (2024). In Blossom cast: Ju Jing Yi, Liu Xue Yi, Wu Jia Yi. In Blossom Release Date: 15 March 2024. In Blossom Episodes: 32.

In Blossom Detail

Drama: In Blossom (2024)
Network: Youku
Director: Zhong Qing
Writer: Yu Hai Lin
Main Stars: Ju Jing Yi, Liu Xue Yi, Wu Jia Yi
Genres: Romance, Thriller, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 15 March 2024
Season: 1
Aired: 15 March 2024-3 April 2024
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 32
Also Known As: Hua Jian Ling, 花間令, 花间令, In Blossom 2024

In Blossom Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the city of sin in Heyang, Pan Yue, one of the men who throws money into vehicles, weds Yang Caiwei, who is hated by all.

On the day of the wedding, Yang Caiwei is killed The person who was accused of the murder is revealed to be Pan Yue.

“Resurrected “resurrected” Yang Caiwei returns “fiercely” under the guise of the “evil girl” Shangguan Zhi determined to expose Pan Yue’s real face.

In the course of fighting those who belong to the “four major clans” of evil forces, and investigating past cases The two hearts became together again.

Yang Caiwei realized that the person responsible for her death was not her but a different individual and Pan Yue always been a loving and supportive person from the beginning until the point of no return.

The whole thing is coming to realization, but the one in the background has again created an opportunity to drive the two to everlasting destruction.

In Blossom Cast

Ju Jing Yi as Yang Cai Wei / Shangguan Zhi

Liu Xue Yi as Pan Yue

Wu Jia Yi as Bai Xiao Sheng

Li Ge Yang as Zhuo Lan Jiang

Qi Pei Xin as A Ze

Ding Jie as Ling Er

Anna Liu as Lu Ai Ge

Zhong Wei Hua as Old Jiang Head

Hei Zi as Zhuo Shan Ju

Ray Chang as Shangguan Lan

Zhao Long Hao as Gu Yong

Xu Bai Hui as Qing Di

Xiao Bing as Old Clerk

Zheng He Hui Zi as Yang Cai Wei

Fan Jin Lun as Constable Liu

Mark Han as Chen San

Sun Zheng Lin as Sun Zhen

Hu Kun as A Fu

Li Pei Ming as Pan Jin

Nina Wang as Liu Qing | Princess

Yi Yong Ming as Jia Quan | Lieutenant

Mei Ling Zhen as Madame Jia

Chris Song as Xue Jian Li

Bai Wei as Zuo Jing Fei

Hua Wen as Sima Xuan

Liu Qin Shan as Yun’er

Xu Tao as Shen Ci / Shen Yan

Ren Wan Jing as Yun Shang

Xu Nai Yu as Chen Fu

Wei Yu as Chen Zhang Yuan

Xu Yi Wen as Madame Gu

Tan Li Min as Empress

Ma Rui Ze as Sun Xi Ming

Yu Chun as Xie Si Tu

Yu Qing as Sun Wan Cai

Huang Lu as Sun Liu

Francis Chai as Chen Xiang Zhu

Ye Xin Yu as General Lu

Qian Men Chao as Hei Wu Chang

Xu Yi Xuan as Yang Cai Wei | 10 years old

Zhang Zi Han as Pan Yue | 10 years old

CoCo Wang as Bai Xiao Sheng | 10 years old

Zhong Zhao Xi as Little kid

Du Sun Yu Yu as 4 years old kid

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