Hot Blooded Detective (2021)

Overall: Hot Blooded Detective is a Chinese Mystery, Romance, Drama (2021). Hot Blooded Detective cast: Zhang Yu Jian, Liang Jie, Wu Chen Xu. Hot Blooded Detective Release Date: 26 December 2021. Hot Blooded Detective Episodes: 30.

Hot Blooded Detective Detail

Drama: Hot Blooded Detective (2021)
Network: Mango TV
Director: Jack Zhao
Main Stars: Zhang Yu Jian, Liang Jie, Wu Chen Xu
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 26 December 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 26 December 2021-22 January 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Sunday
Episodes: 30
Also Known As: Flower Detective, Re Xie Shen Tan, Shen Tan Hua Mei Nan , 探幽录 , 神探花美男 , Detective Kong, 热血神探, Hot Blooded Detective 2021

Hot Blooded Detective Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the length among the remaining days of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) and the early Republic of China (1912-1949), China is in turmoil. The forces of modernity and antiquity are slowly starting to come collectively, but the land is full to bursting point with sorcerers, conjurers, necromancers, etc. Most of those, however, are not anything but charlatans and con artists. Enter Kong Xue Li, a budding young policeman, and Fang Dong, a keen-minded coroner. This duo has end up fable-busting hoax detectives, using their wits and expertise of modern-day technology to show scammers for what they truly are and show that what many people mistakenly accept as true with are supernatural spirits are surely smoke-and-mirror hints from con artists.

But whilst what at first glance seems to be the powers of darkness threaten to carry terror and death to the residents of a town, the duo must step up their crime-fighting activities. Things get a bit more thrilling for Kong Xue Li, too, when he meets a sassy and exquisite no-nonsense restaurant owner. Can this trio put give up to the violence and ghoulish terror that has the town in its grips?

Hot Blooded Detective Cast

Zhang Yu Jian as Sun Xue Li
Liang Jie as Main Role
Wu Chen Xu as Fang Dong
Ma Li as Hu Xuan Xuan
Liao Yin Yue as Xiao Ling Dang
Mark Han as Chen Tian Guan
Gu Cao Bin as Yuan Chun Feng
Luo Ning as He Da Da
Lu De Liang as Wu Lian Hai
Chang Yuan Jia as Luo Gang
Liu Hao Qun as Zhang Qiang Qiang
Zhao Shi Yi as Yao Zi Zhen
Jing Fang as Lan Yu Chun
Liu Xin as Wang Dao Yi
Wang Wei An as Li Tian Gang

Hot Blooded Detective Trailer

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