Heroes (2024)

Heroes is a Chinese Action, Drama (2024). Heroes cast: Qin Jun Jie, Liu Yu Ning, Maggie Huang. Heroes Release Date: 8 May 2024. Heroes Episodes: 36.

Heroes Detail

Drama: Heroes (2024)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Lou Jian
Writer: Bai Yi Cong
Main Stars: Qin Jun Jie, Liu Yu Ning, Maggie Huang
Genres: Action, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 8 May 2024
Season: 1
Aired: 8 May 2024-23 May 2024
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: Floating World, Fu Shi Hui, 浮世荟, Fu Shi Mang Mang, Hui Wei Bu Chao, In the vast world, Hui Wei is not in dynasty, Heroes, 浮世茫茫,荟蔚不朝, Tian Xingjian, Tian Xing Jian, 天行健, Heroes 2024

Heroes Synopsis and Plot Summary

Men San Dao, the greatest chief of the Inner Household, as well as the bodyguard of the Imperial Guard to Guangxu Emperor. Guangxu the Emperor.

He was sentenced to prison for his participation as a participant in the Hundred Days Restoration, after having served 12 years in prison.

His release came from the head in the Xuantong Internal Affairs Office who demanded that he solve an issue in exchange for a commutation of his sentence.

He was adamant and when he investigated, discovered that the man to be detained was the part of the same group which he was a member of. Zhou Bu Fan was a Jianghu swordsman and master of the highest level.

He was smart However, the man was extremely poor and so poor that he was forced to rent his main altar to Gate Sect. Gate Sect and wander around with his comrades.

Not having any other alternatives, he made an agreement and hid behind his back to help Wang Ye do something disgraceful and became an pawn who could be utilized and then discarded at any point.

Jianghu changed, and no one was enthused about his cause and he was unable to adapt to the new world order.

Zhu Yan was a small town Confucian student. She waited 10 years for her chance to pass an important test and receive the prestigious title however, the law was changed and the exam was canceled and all of her efforts went to waste.

To earn money, she set up an establishment in her hometown.

She was adamant about changing laws, and disliked everyone and all things that weakened the power of the empire, and wanted to act on it.

She was involved in a case and followed the murderer over hundreds of miles only to discover that he was protecting interests of the revolutionary.

Three different people caught in an uncertain world met one in 1919 and joined forces with others who were suffering similar circumstances and stood up for the imperial power with a desire for the creation of a constitution, and also to stop the opposition for good once and for all time.

If they succeeded, would their goals ever be fulfilled and will they become the greatest heroes of their time?

Heroes Cast

Qin Jun Jie as Irgen Gioro Mu Qing / “Men San Dao”

Liu Yu Ning as Zhuo Bu Fan

Jinna Fu as Huo Qin / Shi Niang | Rongtian Sword Sect

Pang Han Chen as Wang Jia Luo / Wang Di Bao

Maggie Huang as Ulan Shan / Princess Ge Ge

Daisy Li as Dai Di

Liu Ya Jin as Chao Feng

Li Sheng Rong as Xie Tong

Jerry Yuan as Wang Han Xian

Mark Du as Zhang San Feng

Jin Song as Huang Tu

Jing Ci as Hai Tang

Tang Qi Rong as Zhao Fu

Zhang Ming En as Wu Shuang Bao

Sun Wei Hao as Ding Yu | Beiyang 43rd Battalion officer

Pan Li Tong as Dai Si | Rongtian Sword Sect

Shi Xiao Hong as Jiang Hen

Xu Zhan Wei as Long Chi / General Long | Beiyang 43rd Battalion commander

Lin Shan as Xian Ge

Chen Tian Ming as Lin Hao Han / “Lucky”

Huang Hao Yue as Liu Lin

Chen Si Che as Lin An Jing / Lin Jing Jing

Hu Yun Hao as Zhong Hai Chao / General Zhong [Prince Qi’s son-in-law

Tao Luo Yi as Qingyi Xin Feng / Sei I Shinpu

Li Chun Lee as Cun Qing | Imperial Household Department head

Liu Pei Qi as Aisin-Gioro Zai Qi / Prince Qi

Wang Lei as Wen Shu

Jiang Chao as Shi Ye

Li Ze Hui as Ye Shang Han | Japanese agent

Zou Dun Ming as Yu Huan Jie / Da Shi Xiong | Senior disciple of Rongtian Sword Sect

Andrew Leng as Qin Tuo \ Rongtian Sword Sect

Wei Li Si as Ge Tai | Cun Qing’s subordinate

Liu Jin Shan as Pang Zi

Li Da Qiang as Tomb guardian

Kong Lian Shun as Detective inspector

Wang Ming Hui as Yamen servant

Ding Yong as Wretched man

Li Yan Ru as Married woman

Hong Jian Tao as County magistrate

Yi Guo Qiang as Widower

Wang Kuang Yu as Student #A

Wang Guo Hui as Bi Tie Shi #B

Wang Guo Hua as Bald villager

Ge Xing Jia as Bi Tie Shi #A

Fan Ming as Constable

Yi Guo Qiang as Widower

Yin Zheng as Aisin-Gioro Zai Tian / Emperor Guang Xu

Shi Chen Wei as Guwalgiya Khankh | Cun Xing’s subordinate

Tan Quan as Tang Yu | Rongtian Sword Sect

Wang Li Qing as Wan He \ Palace maid

Liu Bo as Chen Wu | Former Qilin guard

Zong Feng Yan as Tan Xian

Huang Hai Bing as Cheng Yu

Du Yu Ming as Gu Mu Ji / Qian Qi | Killer

Li Fa Guang as Coward rebel

Yuen Cheung Yan as Captain Qin | Former constable

Qiao Zhen Yu as Mo Kun / Shi Bo | Rongtian Sword Sect

Guo Qiu Cheng as Shumulu Cha Tai | Qing minister

Fang Xiao Mo as Meng Xia | Abbot of Futu Temple

Zhou Xiao Ou as Du Er | Monk of Futu Temple

Yu Shu Xi as Shen Ling Long

Li Zhen Qi as Big man

He Zhong Hua as Lao Lin

Winnie Yu as Lin An Jing | Young

Yang Chao Wei as Man

Wang Ya Jun as Aunt

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