Hello Mr. Captain (2024)

Hello Mr. Captain is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). Hello Mr. Captain cast: Peng Chu Yue, Zhao Chu Lun, Wen Guo Xi. Hello Mr. Captain Release Date: 2024. Hello Mr. Captain Episodes: 24.

Hello Mr. Captain Detail

Drama: Hello Mr. Captain (2024)
Director: Mai Tian
Main Stars: Peng Chu Yue, Zhao Chu Lun, Wen Guo Xi
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Ni Hao Ji Zhang Xian Sheng, 你好机长先生, Hello Mr. Captain 2024

Hello Mr. Captain Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story of the young people who recently completed their college degree and enrolled in an aviation flight school for civil aviation to pursue their studies, and, eventually, realizing their dream of flying.

It displays the world the power and responsibility of China’s aviation, and fully embodies the professional qualities and professionalism of pilots working in civil aviation. Spiritual value.

Eleven fresh recruits from civil aviation who have passed the rigorous physical exam and had interviews attended the aviation school.

Theoretical training for pilot licenses were intensely studied and a variety of complicated flying topics were introduced one after the other.

Lin Yun, who was born in poverty and possesses an upright disposition but is unconfident and dull. Tang Shuai, a smart man who frequently breaks the rules due to his lenient behaviour Gu Fei.

A woman who is hard-working and serious, and has a sound theory she is at the point of being eliminated because she is unable to over come her psychological obstacles.

The stern flight instructor Wang Chen not only made students experience setbacks in the difficult learning process of flying However, he also had frequent conflict with female teacher Li Bes.

Hello Mr. Captain Cast

Peng Chu Yue as Lin Yun

Zhao Chu Lun as Wang Chen

Wen Guo Xi as Gu Fei

Wen Sheng as Yi Ming

Pan Zi Yan as Gong Qian

Li Si Nan as Geng Tian Qi

Dailiha Nayiman as Ling Duo

Li Su as Support Role

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