Go! Beach Volleyball Girls (2023)

Overall: Go! Beach Volleyball Girls is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). Go! Beach Volleyball Girls cast: Zhang Xue Ying, Xu Ling Yue, Fei Qi Ming. Go! Beach Volleyball Girls Release Date: 2023. Go! Beach Volleyball Girls Episodes: 40.

Go! Beach Volleyball Girls Detail

Drama: Go! Beach Volleyball Girls (2022)
Director: Song Yang
Main Stars: Zhang Xue Ying, Xu Ling Yue, Fei Qi Ming
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: Ran! Sha Pai Shao Nu , Burn! Volleyball Girls, 燃!沙排少女, Go! Beach Volleyball Girls 2023

Go! Beach Volleyball Girls Synopsis and Plot Summary

Eighteen yr old virtuoso Volleyball member Chen Weilan gets a weighty blow in the wake of neglecting to meet all requirements for the countrywide youth group.

She gets back to her homegrown town and enlists inside the close by institute. Under the prodding of her perky granddad, she joins the coastline volleyball rivalry and meets individual schoolmate, Li Guoduo. The two end up the pleasant of buddies.

Shui Chan Institute used to be known for its zenith volleyball bunch, however is at this point not prepared to do live as much as its previous brilliance. Li Guoduo and Gaoge Zhangluo set up a volleyball club, but the people are unpracticed and frail.

Chen Weilan and Li Guoduo lead the gathering of unpracticed people, and set off to rejuvenate the club. Along their process is a progression of intense tutoring and funny experiences. At long last, with extreme works of art and assurance, the participation eventually transforms into the games exercises group it imagines to be.

Go! Beach Volleyball Girls Cast

Zhang Xue Ying as Li Guo Duo

Xu Ling Yue as Chen Wei Lan

Fei Qi Ming as Shao Nian

Koh Gao as Gao Ge

Li Xin Zhe as Support Role

Li Yan Man as Support Role

Yu Chen as Support Role

Li Qian as Support Role

Zhu Jin Tong as Mo Xi Xi

Chen Sai Sai as Support Role

Zhang Zhi Ran as Long Ya

Chai Wei as Support Role

Lei Mu as Support Role

Wang Dong as Lu Da Xing

Xie Ming Yu as Support Role

Gao Xin as Support Role

Chen Wei as Support Role

Zhang Xi Qiao as Support Role

Zhang Xuan as Liu Shu Tong

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