Gimlet Eyes (2024)

Gimlet Eyes is a Chinese Drama (2024). Gimlet Eyes cast: Jing Chao, Huang Yao, Tu Zhi Ying. Gimlet Eyes Release Date: 2024. Gimlet Eyes Episodes: 24. All you need to know about Gimlet Eyes.

Gimlet Eyes Detail

Drama: Gimlet Eyes (2024)
Network: Youku
Writer: Wu Ying Ying
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Jing Chao, Huang Yao, Tu Zhi Ying
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Golden Pass, Jin Guan: Lv Jian Yi Ke, 金关, 金关旅检一科, 金關·旅檢一科, 金關, 金关·旅检一科, Gimlet Eyes 2024

Gimlet Eyes Synopsis and Plot Summary

It recounts the way Guo Cong, the head of the Passenger Inspection Section 1 at Binhai Airport Customs, led Zhang Yu, Lv Xiaoyan, Yan Boyan and other customs officials to remain on the frontline of customs to detect and stop smugglers in the customs exit and entry channel, which measures around 50m long.

In instances like the transport of genetic samples the transportation from “Layered Mountains and Scenery” as well as the smuggling and distribution of the HPV 9-valent vaccine as well as the illegal smuggling of helmeted helmets for hornbills They fought off numerous obstacles and exposed the leaders behind-the-scenes of the smuggling gangs and safeguarded the national interest.

Guo Cong, Zhang Yu and other Customs officials also gained invaluable insight and grew rapidly combat with each other and fought with secret forces to protect the border of the country.

Gimlet Eyes Cast

Guo Ge as Deng Hong Xia / Sister Deng

Jing Chao as Guo Cong

Tu Zhi Ying as Lu Xiao Yan

Lu Xing as Jiang Shi Huo

Sun Zhong Qiu as Zhang Da Yu

Huang Yao as Zhang Yu

Qi Kui as Guest Role

Yang Kai Cheng as Yan Bo Wen

Sonam Wangmo as Guest Role

Tong Yue as Xiang Xiu Yuan

Li Yuan as Support Role

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