Feng Ying Ran Mei Xiang (2024)

Feng Ying Ran Mei Xiang is a Chinese Action, Drama (2024). Feng Ying Ran Mei Xiang cast: Wang Chu Ran, Li Hong Yi, Yan An. Feng Ying Ran Mei Xiang Release Date: 2024. Feng Ying Ran Mei Xiang Episodes: 36.

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Drama: Feng Ying Ran Mei Xiang (2024)
Network: Youku
Director: Edward Guo
Genres: Action, Drama
Main Stars: Wang Chu Ran, Li Hong Yi, Yan An
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: Da Song Nv Ci Ke, Da Song Nu Ci Ke, Wei Song Sha Shou Ri Zhi, Feng Hua Qi You Lu, 大宋女刺客, 伪宋杀手日志, 风华奇友录, 風華奇友錄, 偽宋殺手日志, 烽影燃梅香, Feng Ying Ran Mei Xiang 2024

Feng Ying Ran Mei Xiang Synopsis and Plot Summary

She’s known as An Jiu however she is the scythe in hands that is death. She’s the one who sunk into the night, fighting hard to find the light that is out of reach.

She was injured on the course of a mission, and she met Mei Jiu. Alongside the kind and weak girl Mei Jiu go to into the Mei Mansion.

An Jiu was then aware that she was being watched by suspicious people in succession which left her with the only option of hiding her true power.

In the following days she uncovered her Mei family’s secret They create secret bodyguards for the royal family, and are among the oldest clans of secret killers from the Song Dynasty.

She slowly became close acquaintances along with Mei Jiu and also secretly became infatuated with the teacher of her martial arts. Chu Ding Jiang, the head for Chu Ding Jiang, the commander of Crane Control Army.

His eyes, hidden in the black cloak look like the darkness and his tall body is a perpetual statue in the wild.

The most powerful person on earth. An Jiu was enthralled by him and contacted him and Chu Ding Jiang lived his entire life making the way to her for her demise.

Feng Ying Ran Mei Xiang Cast

Wang Chu Ran as An Jiu

Li Hong Yi as Chu Ding Jiang

Yan An as Hua Rong Jian

Li Wen Han as Mei Ting Jun

Bian Cheng as Support Role

Zuo Ye as Support Role

Guo Cheng as Support Role

Chen Yu Xian as Support Role

Hu Yi Xuan as Support Role

Ai Mi as Support Role

Dong Xuan as Support Role

Jiang Yi Yan as Support Role

Jeremy Tsui as Guest Role

Hankiz Omar as Guest Role

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