Exquisite Wolf Heart (2021)

Overall: Exquisite Wolf Heart is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Drama (2021). Exquisite Wolf Heart cast: Jason Koo, Connie Kang, Mickey Zhao. Exquisite Wolf Heart Release Date: 15 February 2021. Exquisite Wolf Heart Episodes: 24.

Exquisite Wolf Heart Detail

Drama: Exquisite Wolf Heart (2021)
Network: Mango TV, Mango TV
Director: Danny Ko
Main Stars: Jason Koo, Connie Kang, Mickey Zhao
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 15 February 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 15 February 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Also Known As: Ling Long Lang Xin , The Double-Sided Girl, 玲珑狼心, Exquisite Wolf Heart 2021

Exquisite Wolf Heart Synopsis and Plot Summary

A friendship born out of war marks the start of a romance among a female with a ‘wolf-like personality” and the “son of the wolf king.” Ling Long turned into by chance bitten by means of a wolf.

Yan Qing mistakes her for a thief at the same time as she detests his smug nature. As it turns out, Yan Qing is the son of her father’s friend. Two states coexist within Ling Long, one is human and the opposite is a wolf.

Randomly switching among personalities make her look like she is the type to fake to be weak to take gain of others. Meanwhile, Yan Qing, the son of a government authentic, may additionally seem unrestrained at the floor but he incorporates the bloodline of the wolf extended family.

Due to their family connections, Ling Long pretty obviously moves into the Yan manor. After Yan Qing suspects Ling Long of committing robbery, she starts her personal investigation to show her innocence. In the procedure, she discovers that she’s all started to increase extremely eager senses.

Ling Long’s uncommon conduct draws Yan Qing’s attention and they start to paintings together to crack the case. Ling Long and Yan Qing can also have crossed paths due to a false impression, but they soon recognize that their hearts beat faster around each different. Ling Long’s wolfish features suits her up with the passionate Yan Qing. However, she appears to become greater violent and fierce as she transforms into the “Wolf Queen.”

Exquisite Wolf Heart Cast

Jason Koo as Yan Qing
Connie Kang as Ling Long
Mickey Zhao as Tong Ge
Peng Chu Yue as Yan Jue
Sheng Hui Zi as You Rou
Zhao Zi Qi as Tong Ge
Gao Ji Cai as Yan Yu
Huang Qian Shuo as Xuan Yu
Yu Kai Ning as Mi Sa
Chake Lau as Mi Ya
Zhang Jia Lin as Ling Yu
Lin Jin Yi as Xiao Jin

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