Detective Chinatown Season 2 (2024)

Detective Chinatown Season 2 is a Chinese Action, Thriller, Mystery, Drama (2024). Detective Chinatown Season 2 cast: Roy Chiu, Shang Yu Xian, Lynn Hung. Detective Chinatown Season 2 Release Date: 29 February 2024. Detective Chinatown Season 2 Episodes: 16.

Detective Chinatown Season 2 Detail

Drama: Detective Chinatown Season 2 (2024)
Network: Mango TV
Writer: Chen Si Cheng
Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Drama
Main Stars: Roy Chiu, Shang Yu Xian, Lynn Hung
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 29 February 2024
Season: 2
Aired: 29 February 2024-12 March 2024
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 16
Also Known As: Detective Chinatown Season 2, Wang Ju Tang Ren Jie Tan An Di Er Ji, Tang Ren Jie Tan An 2, 网剧唐人街探案第二季, 網劇唐人街探案第二季, 唐人街探案2, 唐人街探案第二季, 唐人街探案第2, 唐人街探案 第2季, 唐人街探案第二季, Detective Chinatown Season 2 2024

Detective Chinatown Season 2 Synopsis and Plot Summary

The detective Lin Mo who is extremely sensitive to smells, takes action once more.

It is believed that “Lin Hei Dog” ranked fourth in the Crimaster detective rankings will face an entirely new issue that is”Angel’s Melody. “Angel’s Melody” unit.

He entered”the “Angel’s Melody” alone “Sanatorium” and barely escaped an accident. In the “Devil’s Breath” unit, it was removed from the cocoon to discover the truth.

Another awesome girl who has a lot of respect from “Tang Detective Universe” and computer master Kiko is ranked sixth in the Crimaster list. She has an amazing personal storyline for the first time.

“Amusement Park,” or the “Amusement Park” unit will expose her past.”Golden City “Golden City” unit staged an academic competition as well as a psychological conflict against her previous companion.

Detective Chinatown Season 2 Cast

Roy Chiu as Lin Mo

Shang Yu Xian as Kiko

Lynn Hung as Peng Xi

Marc Ma as An Song

Ancy Deng as Xiao Ai

Zhou Chu Chu as Nurse Nancy

Cheryl Yang as A Xin

Kenny Bee as Ling Ying Shu

Yu Hao Ming as Lin Sen

Zhang Yi Shang as Sa Sha

Yvonne Yung as Wang Jiao Yun

Jackie Lui as Chen Jing Han

Andrew Lien as Qiao Qian Shan

Wang Zhen Er as A Wen

Gao Ye as Di Nan

Terence Yin as Huang Hai

Baby Zhang as Tina

Meng Zhi Xu as Xiao Cha

Jiang Yun Lin as Ou Yang

Chang Shih as Du Lang

Fu Jun as Support Role

Jackson Lou as Support Role

He Nan as Support Role

Rong Zi Shan as Support Role

Alex To as Support Role

Wang Bao Qiang as Tang Ren

Liu Hao Ran as Qin Feng

Xiao Yang as Kun Tai

Janine Chang as Ivy

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