Chang Hsiao Ching

Chang Hsiao Ching Plot

Zhang Xiaozheng, a renowned Taiwanese chief. Great at coordinating combative techniques shows and authentic dramatizations, and shooting numerous well known shows, once turned into the assurance of hits.

The Beginning around 1998, he has taken part in the shooting of numerous homegrown television dramatizations, for example, “Wang Baochai and Xue Pinggui”, “Yipin Lady Sesame Official, etc. Afterward, I shot “White-haired Witch”, “Flying Mythical serpent overhead”, “Princess Huaiyu”, “Xiao Shiyilang”, “Adolescent Festival”, “Pear Tears”, “Joy Should Major areas of strength for be”, “Can Have “Pause. In 2011, coordinated the castle show “Tang Gongyan: The Universe of Ladies”.


First Name: Hsiao Ching
Native Name: 张孝正
Also Known as: Zhang Xiao Zheng, 張孝正
Nationality: Taiwanese
Gender: Male
Born: 24 June 1960
Age: 62

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