Bright Eyes in the Dark (2023)

Overall: Bright Eyes in the Dark is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). Bright Eyes in the Dark cast: Johnny Huang, Zhang Jing Yi, Tang Xiao Tian. Bright Eyes in the Dark Release Date: 19 September 2023. Bright Eyes in the Dark Episodes: 40.

Bright Eyes in the Dark Detail

Drama: Bright Eyes in the Dark (2023)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Tian Yi
Writer: Liu Hong Yan
Main Stars: Johnny Huang, Zhang Jing Yi, Tang Xiao Tian
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 19 September 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Ta Cong Huo Guang Zhong Zou Lai, He Walks From the Fire, Walking Through Fire for You, 他从火光中走来, Bright Eyes in the Dark 2023

Bright Eyes in the Dark Synopsis and Plot Summary

Lin Luxiao is a firefighter with exceptional abilities and a wealth of knowledge.

He is the director of the Special Operations Station on Heping Road in Beixun City. A coincidence.

He is chosen to serve as an instructor on the reality show encouraging firefighter’s expertise. In the course of this show, Linluxiao runs into Nan Chu, a dancer whom he rescued from a fire a few years ago.

Nan Chu develops a fondness for Lin Luxiao. But Nan Chu keeps his distance because of the inherent risks that come with his work.

The brave and young generation of firefighters like Shao Yi Jiu, Qin Shi Quan, as and Lou Mingye, who brings modern equipment technology from overseas are also returning to the fire service.

The firefighters of all generations are involved in rescue operations which include earthquakes, fires and aerial rescues, thereby increasing the safety of firefighters at Beixun City.

While Nan Chu and Lin Luxiao as they grow in their understanding of one another They confirm their feelings.

Confronted with the most dangerous wildfire, Lin Luxiao and his colleagues decide to push forward against the flames.

Bright Eyes in the Dark Cast

Johnny Huang as Lin Lu Xiao

Zhang Jing Yi as Nan Chu

Tang Xiao Tian as Jiang Ge

Zhang Jin as Yu Qi Lei

Xu Hong Hao as Guest Role

Zhao Xun as Guest Role

Zhang Ling He as Lin Qi

Fu Cheng Peng as Guest Role

Dong Yong as Support Role

Xie Xin as Support Role

Wu Gang as Meng Guo Hong

Zhou Le as Director Ma

Xue Jing Rui as Support Role

Edison Huang as Wang Chun Yu

Ai Xiao Qi as Support Role

Li Fei as Support Role

Wang Zi Qi as Lou Ming Ye

Jenny Zeng as Yan Dai

Zhang Duo Han as Support Role

Fei Li Qi as Support Role

Chen Kang as Support Role

Hu Yi as Liu Ru Yi

Zhou Hui Lin as Support Role

Yang Shu as Support Role

Yu Yue as Support Role

Xia Hou Bin as Support Role

Lu Si Yu as Yang Zhen Gang

Li Ming Jun as Shao Yi Jiu

Wang Chun Yu as Huang Huai

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