Breaking The Shadows (2024)

Breaking The Shadows is a Chinese Thriller, Mystery, Drama (2024). Breaking The Shadows cast: Betty Sun, Luo Jin, Ding Guan Sen. Breaking The Shadows Release Date: 2024. Breaking The Shadows Episodes: 18.

Breaking The Shadows Detail

Drama: Breaking The Shadows (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Hua Qing
Main Stars: Betty Sun, Luo Jin, Ding Guan Sen
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 18
Also Known As: 烏雲之上, Wu Yun Zhi Shang, 乌云之上, Breaking The Shadows 2024

Breaking The Shadows Synopsis and Plot Summary

Han Qing is a female police officer from the Sanhe Criminal Investigation Team.

She was referred to as “Unhappy” because she was unfriendly and would only be asked to talk about her job.

She and her companion Zhong Wei have been in contact for years, however Zhong Wei vanished after being tracked by an unidentified suspected. There was no news for the past month.

Han Qing handled other cases in pain and stress without giving any information related to Zhong Wei.

The latest murder case triggered Han Qing’s attention. She figured out from clues that the murder investigation was linked to the disappearance of Zhong Wei.

Despite the many hurdles during an investigation into the matter, the main suspect eventually came out as well as that which Zhong Wei experienced gradually became.

Then, things began to become clear The police ripped off the cocoons and found the link between three cases of major disappearances, murders, and trafficking in illicit drugs.

The team also discovered the meticulously coordinated system of the criminal gang and the hidden secrets that lie behind this network.

The Sanhe Criminal Investigation Team worked together to solve the entire case in a single sweep and all of the criminals were detained.

Breaking The Shadows Cast

Betty Sun as Han Qing

Luo Jin as Zhong Wei

Ding Guan Sen as Lin Jia Jia

Li Xiao Ran as Zhou Xue Man

Wang Zi Yi as Wang Xue Hua

Huang Man as Dong Jie

Li Hong Tao as Zhao Wen Bin

Wang Zi Quan as Chen Bin

Liu Guan Cheng as Fang Bo

Zhou Pu as Lu Jian Min

Ning Xiao Zhi as Hou Yan

Zhai Xiao Xing as Zhong Yong

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