Bing Zi Feng Zhong Lai (2024)

Bing Zi Feng Zhong Lai is a Chinese Drama (2024). Bing Zi Feng Zhong Lai cast: Liu Yi Jun, Ou Hao, Lan Ying Ying. Bing Zi Feng Zhong Lai Release Date: 2024. Bing Zi Feng Zhong Lai Episodes: 30.

Bing Zi Feng Zhong Lai Detail

Drama: Bing Zi Feng Zhong Lai (2024)
Network: JSTV
Main Stars: Liu Yi Jun, Ou Hao, Lan Ying Ying
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 30
Also Known As: 兵自風中來, 兵自风中来, Bing Zi Feng Zhong Lai 2024

Bing Zi Feng Zhong Lai Synopsis and Plot Summary

Xu Lingjun, who had just been promoted from director of the training department of the group army to commander of the 396th Synthetic Brigade, had recently assumed office.

After his appointment as his battalion commander, he was accompanied by his former boss Liang Beihua, the deputy commander of the theater army personally went to add workload by asking him to head the entire brigade in completing their mission.

Transformation pilot tasks. Liang Beihua recalled the old battalion commander, who personally experienced the massive disarmament that took place in 1985. Xu Lingjun still remembered that during the transition of military construction in 1998.

The former company boss who was the top performer in the division’s contest was dismissed from active duty because the equipment he was using did not work for him. the latest equipment.

This Army transformation pilot has to address the demands of the new modern age and establish a top standard and a new-quality Army.

The task is tough. Guo Zijian, commander of the 1st Battalion of the 396th Brigade is awaiting for a transfer to a different position due to an accident during drill.

Xu Lingjun carefully examined the process of the accident and then appoint Guo Zijian. Through the subsequent transformation and construction phase, Guo Zijian surpassed his expectations.

In a violent cross-theater fight The 396th Brigade suddenly fell upon the 396th Brigade.

The rival Blue Army Brigade had never been defeated. In the course of the battle, Xu Lingjun still suffered massive losses despite his excellent command. He did, however, keep Guo Zijian’s army intact.

In the end, Guo Zijian utilised the newly formed soldiers from the combined battalion. He often employed clever tactics in order to finish what was known as the “decapitation” of the Blue Army which determined the final outcome in the war.

Bing Zi Feng Zhong Lai Cast

Liu Yi Jun as Main Role

Ou Hao as Guo Zi Jian

Lan Ying Ying as Main Role

Li You Bin as Main Role

Xie Xin as Support Role

Johnny Huang as Guest Role

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