Braveness of the Ming (2023)

Overall: Braveness of the Ming is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). Braveness of the Ming cast: Zhang Han, Park Min Young, Jeremy Jones Xu. Braveness of the Ming Release Date: 2023. Braveness of the Ming Episodes: 30.

Braveness of the Ming Detail

Drama: Braveness of the Ming (2023)
Network: LeTV
Main Stars: Zhang Han, Park Min Young, Jeremy Jones Xu
Director: Wong Chun Man
Writer: Bai Yi Cong
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 30
Also Known As: Imperial Guard Night Travels, 锦衣 夜行, Jin Yi Ye Xing, 锦衣夜行, Braveness of the Ming 2023

Braveness of the Ming Synopsis and Plot Summary

Xia the Xunis is a common man who, after the shock of witnessing Jinyiwei’s brutality, supreme military mystery police that serve those who are Ming line sovereigns of China were chosen to defend the ordinary citizens.

His path is led towards his future wife and a sworn sibling in the same way as an sovereign and his better half. His capabilities have been drawn into Jinyiwei’s view of his position at the highest position in his food chain.

They put him in the organisation and prepared for him to be an elite Jinyiwei. The newly-crowned ruler controlled his reign with an iron grip and was able to endure without dissenters.

With the knowledge of the dire situation facing the people, the man began in secret helping the ruler get to the top of the table and bring back peace in the country.

Braveness of the Ming Cast

Zhang Han as Xia Xun

Park Min Young as Xie Yu Fei

Jeremy Jones Xu as Ximen Jing

Cecilia Boey as Xu Ming Er

Janice Wu as Tang Sai Er

Maggie Shiu as Queen of Xu

Sophie Zhang as Sun Miao Ge

Wang Xiu Zhu as Xiao Ying

Hao Ze Jia as Bai Yi Xai

Huang Zi Xi as Su Ying

Shawn Wei as Ji Gang

Liu Chang De as Luo Ke Di

Howie Huang as Zhu Yuan Zhang

Marco Li as Feng Xi Hui

Jeremy Qu as Zhu Gao Qi

Ryan Zhang as Zhu Yun Wei

Huang Tian Qi as Young Xia Xun

Vicky Chen as Xie Yu Fei Young

Zhang Shuo as Xie Shi Hao

Leon Lai as Meng Tian

Tony Chen as Zhu Di, King of Yan

Zhong Ming as Liu Xu

Yang Yu Lan as Lady Gui

Zhao Yue as Gan Yu

Benson Wang as Zhang Shi San

Zhao Chong Yue as Xu Zeng. Shou

Wang Guan as Zhang Shi San

Chen Yu Han as Prince Zhu Zhanji

Li Lu Jin as Lady Yang Chen

Wang Yi Fan as Zhuo Lun

Luo Wei as Zhu Zhan Ji

Xia Yi Bin as Zhang Bao

Su Hai Rong as Treasurer of the Leather Goods Store

Xu Jia Man as Zi He

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