Born to Run (2024)

Born to Run is a Chinese Drama (2024). Born to Run cast: Elaine Zhong, Yang Chao Yue, Xu Di. Born to Run Release Date: 11 January 2024. Born to Run Episodes: 28.

Born to Run Detail

Drama: Born to Run (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Shen Yan
Writer: Wu Nan
Main Stars: Elaine Zhong, Yang Chao Yue, Xu Di
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 11 January 2024
Season: 1
Aired: 11 January 2024-23 January 2024
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 28
Also Known As: Running Is My Destiny, Ru Guo Ben Pao Shi Wo De Su Ming, 如果奔跑是我的宿命, Born to Run 2024

Born to Run Synopsis and Plot Summary

“Born for Run” is a moving family ethics tale of two daughters and mothers who restore their souls and rekindle the lives of their children after a tragic car accident brought them to the lowest point of their lives, from an female point of view.

Xiu Fang as well as Xiu Li are two of sisters who are completely different.

Xiu Fang is a positive and determined. Following the loss of her husband she set up an establishment selling fried chickens for money.

While battling depression. Xiu Li is pessimistic sad, patriarchal, and has a strong need to manage her two children.

Following Xiu Fang’s sixtyth birthday celebration A car crash resulted in the death that her child An Xin and also the life of Xiu Li’s son.

The question of how to get back on track is now the main issue facing family of two. The fate of the universe made a huge joke on you.

What would you prefer to choose to The way to the future is obstructed with a wall anger and fear, as well as helplessness as well as despair, hesitation and resentment. what do you do?

Born to Run Cast

Elaine Zhong as An Xin

Yang Chao Yue as Ruo Hua

Xu Di as Xiu Fang

Chen Xiao Yi as Xiu Li

Hou Wen Yuan as Lin Tian Yu

Song Yang as Qin Feng

Wang You Jun as Zhou Kai Ze

Li Tian Nuo as Li Zhong

Rong Fei as Support Role

Liu Xun as Liu Jing Wei

Tan Xi He as Qing Feng’s father

Wang De Shun as Old Wang

Sophie Su as Li Ya

Ai Li Ya as Qing Feng’s mother

Niu Piao as Lao Wang

Zeng Ke Lang as Qiu Huai Yang

Li Ping as Director Peng

Jin Shun Zi as Principal Mei

Luan Yuan Hui as Professor Peng

Ren Luo Min as Chairman Ruan

Liu Yang Zi as Xiao Dong

Wu Man Si as Xiao Jiu

Zhang Ling Xin as Professor Chai

Gao Yu Xi as Hu Xuan

Liu Ting Zuo as Teacher Gao

Murphy Zhao as Director Zhang

Jenny as Xiao Qi | Nurse

Dong Li Wu You as Liu Jing Wei | Child

Feng Xue Ya as Chen Ruo Hua | Child

Yang Zi Hua as Li Zhong’s father

Lu Ling as Kai Ze’s mother

Kang Qun Zhi as Li Zhong’s mother

Zhang Shu as Female bank president

Wang Ya Jun as Third aunt

Tang Chang as Secretary

Ding Zi Ling as HR manager

He Bin as Store manager

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