A Young Couple (2023)

Overall: A Young Couple is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). A Young Couple cast: Jiao Jun Yan, Andrew Yin, Cao Xi Wen. A Young Couple Release Date: 2023. A Young Couple Episodes: 40.

A Young Couple Detail

Drama: A Young Couple (2023)
Director: Liu Xin
Main Stars: Jiao Jun Yan, Andrew Yin, Cao Xi Wen
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: Jia You Xiao Fu Qi, Come On! Young Couple,加油!小夫妻,A Young Couple 2023

A Young Couple Synopsis and Plot Summary

Tang Xin and Li Yan are a couple of post-90s couple. Disregarding their folks’ protest, they got hitched upon the arrival of their graduation and soon, they have a kid. Without their folks’ assistance and backing,

They start to wander out on their newly discovered ways of life as working guardians. To acquire a chance for advancement at work, the two of them buckle down in their work. Anyway simultaneously, they need to alternate dealing with their kid.

Shockingly, they can’t adjust among family and work, and face the difficult times throughout everyday life. Confronting the pressure of joblessness and reality, both of them cooperate to defeat the obstacles. Nonetheless, the circumstance is a lot for them; Tang Xin is near the precarious edge of separating and Li Yan’s demeanor likewise changed.

The once sweet couple started having clashes, and at last chose to have a separation. In the wake of separating, both of them considered the highs and lows of their life and vocation. Choosing to gain from their errors, and to energize and uphold each another, their life start to improve.

A Young Couple Cast

Jiao Jun Yan as Tang Xin
Andrew Yin as Li Yan
Cao Xi Wen as Support Role
Zhang Xiao Qian as Support Role
An Yue Xi as Support Role
Zhao Xin as Jiang Hong
Liu Yi Jun as Support Role
Kenneth Tsang as Support Role
Calvin Li as Support Role
Zhao Da as Support Role
Zhang Yi Hang as Liu Xin

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