19th Floor (2024)

19th Floor is a Chinese Thriller, Drama (2024). 19th Floor cast: Sun Qian, Wei Zhe Ming, Bai Shu. 19th Floor Release Date: 16 January 2024. 19th Floor Episodes: 30.

19th Floor Detail

Drama: 19th Floor (2024)
Network: Mango TV
Director: Cai Cong
Writer: Cai Jun
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Main Stars: Sun Qian, Wei Zhe Ming, Bai Shu
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 16 January 2024
Season: 1
Aired: 16 January 2024-9 February 2024
Aired On: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Episodes: 30
Also Known As: The Nineteenth Floor of Hell, Di Yu De Di 19 Ceng, 19 Ceng, 地狱的第十九层, 19层, 19th Floor 2024

19th Floor Synopsis and Plot Summary

Chun Yu, a college student who’s been separated by his dad since the time he was a child was a participant in a game known as “19th Floor” which he was unable to get out of.

In the match, Chunyu met the smart and serene Gao Xuan, the powerful Doudou and the hilarious Yang Bawan and others.

The group of friends and she were able to experience levels like an “ghost building” packed with shadow puppets as well as the deserted village, accompanied by leather-clad figurines.

Her companions failed to reach the various levels of game and then fell into the coma. In the midst of the crisis, Chunyu determined to discover the reasons they joined the game, and also the motive that was behind it.

In the midst of the world of games and real life everybody has learned respect and love and is aware of the significance of life from hardship.

Every person has found their own method to come to terms with the situation, comprehend your parents and be able to accept them.

Through an intervention by the police the young people were able to discover the truth that was behind”19th Floor” and the “19th floor” game.

Chun Yu finally reconciled with his father and came out from the shadows of his past.

19th Floor Cast

Sun Qian as Chun Yu

Wei Zhe Ming as Gao Xuan

Bai Shu as Yang Ba Wan

Pan Yue Tong as Nian Su Lan

Luo Yu Tong as Xu Wen Ya

Tao Hai as Lao Lin

Rachel Wang as Nan Xiao Qing

Xiao Kai Zhong as Zhang Tian Qiang

Ye Huo as Magician

Chen Chuang as Chun Yi Ming

Xiu Qing as Yan Ming Liang

Chen Jing Yang as Na Na

He Ze Yuan as Xu Wen Wu

Ge Si as Lao Yang

Lucas Liu as Dr. Jia

Rui Wei Hang as Li Hao Fan

Yang Ming Na as Chun Yu’s mother

Wang Wei Hua as Nian Yong Cheng

Zhang Yi Yang as Hei Er

Wa Er as Yan Feng \ Mysterious man

Terry Zhang as Ye Xiao

Lily Tien as Gao Xuan’s mother

Nathan Yu as Zhang Yun Feng | Manager

Lin Jing as Xiao Qin’s mother

Zhang Lei as Director Chen

Xiao Tian Ren as Gao Xuan | Young

Feng Xue Ya as Chun Yu | Young

Wang Jia Xuan as Xiao Ding

Lu Yi Ding as Equipment manager

Shi Yan as A Yong’s grandma

Zhong Fu Xiang as Uncle Chen

Wen Mo Yan as Yan Zi Qi

Li Yang as Ji Si Pi Yong

Zhou Yu Chen as Little boy playing chess

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