Yu Huo (2021)

Overall: Yu Huo is a Chinese Crime, Drama (2021). Yu Huo cast: Chen Ruo Xuan, Wu Hao Chen, Panda Sun. Yu Huo Release Date: 2021. Yu Huo Episodes: 36.

Yu Huo Detail

Drama: Yu Huo (2021)
Network: Youku
Writer: Feng Ji
Genres: Crime, Drama
Main Stars: Chen Ruo Xuan, Wu Hao Chen, Panda Sun
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 2021
Also Known As: Fire , The Fire , Yuan Huo, 浴火, Yu Huo 2021

Yu Huo Synopsis and Plot Summary

To defeat the violations of crooks, youthful cops had to uncover their covert status in the worldwide medication dealing posse “Tian Lang”, and a few companions were additionally associated with being double crossers.

To capture the head of Tian Lang Du Saiye, a unique group was set up. As Wei Ran knows about Tian Lang, he was selected into the group. Anyway the chief Ding Kai is careful about him.

During the activity, Wei Ran took a chance with his life and dealt with the crook, which changed Ding Kai’s view of him.

Reluctant to surrender, Tian Ran sent a covert who sneaked into a compound processing plant in the Gobi trying to acquire a recipe to make new medications.

Wei Ran and Ding Kai drove the group to follow Du Saiye’s old home in the outskirt. After a furious battle, Du Saiye was at last captured and the entire group of Tian Lang was obliterated.

With their energy and lives, Wei Ran and Ding Kai vanquished wrongdoings and keep up the soundness of the nation and society.

Yu Huo Cast

Chen Ruo Xuan as Wei Ran
Wu Hao Chen as Ding Kai
Panda Sun as Chen Xin
Ashin Shu as Yin Li
Xue Hao Jing as Zhang Ruoran
Zhu Jun Lin as Support Role
Li Yi as Luo Na
Wu Bo Wei as Support Role
Ken Lok as Guest Role

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